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About the author - Anindita Chatterjee is a senior professional in the Mining/Mineral and Commodities Sector.Her passion includes travel, music, food, books, wine and words.  When life becomes a series of predictable and measurable outcomes, an adventure into the unknown jolts our numbed senses somewhat like a tremorAn unpretentious restaurant tucked away in an unassuming street of Ho Chi Minh city, ‘Noir’ (black) was my first uniqu...

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High Altitude Marathon Tips

6 Quick and Useful High Altitude Marathon Running Tips

Running at high altitudes is an adventure where all types of runners, pro level/ beginners alike, are expected to anticipate how their body is going to perform under conditions harsher and more challenging than usual. Even an elite marathoner needs to consider certain key elements before running at a high altitude marathon. Marathon training plan, Altitude training, Acclimatization, Hydration and diet are a few areas that need to be regarded befo...

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