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High Altitude Marathon Tips

6 Quick and Useful High Altitude Marathon Running Tips

Running at high altitudes is an adventure where all types of runners, pro level/ beginners alike, are expected to anticipate how their body is going to perform under conditions harsher and more challenging than usual. Even an elite marathoner needs to consider certain key elements before running at a high altitude marathon. Marathon training plan, Altitude training, Acclimatization, Hydration and diet are a few areas that need to be regarded befo...

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Sleeping tips for 5 Challenging Scenarios in the Outdoors

You will be shocked to know the effects that a lack of sleep causes on your body, especially when you are outdoors. It will deteriorate your health, lessen your stamina and blow up your mental and physical strength. Also, the amount of physical activity you will do on the next day will come shooting down as it all depends on the quality of sleep you have had the previous night. Why go through the pain of sleepless nights? Just turn sleepless nigh...

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25 Outdoor Survival Hacks That Will Make Your Outdoor Life Easier

Hiking, Trekking or any outdoor activity gives us a sense of tranquility. But there are a lot of things which you have to keep in mind when you venture out. You need to figure out stuff like how to make fire, how to cook food, how to light up your tent etc. There are many gadgets and tools available, yet there is a chance that you might not get your hands on it. That is where these Outdoor Survival Hacks and tips will help you out. You can be pre...

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This World Heart Day trek your way to a healthy heart

Whoever said exercising needs to be a boring and mundane? That only running on a treadmill is how you can stay healthy? Luckily enough for us, our geographical features are such that allow us the luxury to create a natural gym out in the open. Why then not use it? This World Heart Day, experience trekking your way to a healthy heart. Nothing can beat soaking yourself in the glory of nature, especially when it is responsible for the essential nut...

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