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Fireflies trek

Fireflies Trek: Just What You Need to Ignite The Wanderlust in You

The heat is getting just unbearable and we are in search of a solace to find some respite from it. We are waiting with bated breath for the monsoons to arrive. But, what if, we say that solace is right here in our backyards? Not much of a distance away? In this pre-monsoon period, get ready to witness a phenomenon which will just put you in awe of nature. We are talking about the tiny little twinkling creatures, who come out in millions at night ...

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Easy Treks Near Mumbai

11 Easy & Beginner Level Treks Near Mumbai to Make You Fall in Love With Trekking

Trekking is something which people love to do these days. People have now started exploring outdoors through trekking. But when it comes to start or take the first steps for a trek, many questions arise. What if the trek is too tiring? What if I slip or fall on the trail? I have never exercised in my life how will I walk so much on a trek? These are the questions which come in your mind if you have never been on a trek. But there are easy treks n...

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Treks near Mumbai

Here's all you need to know about these 24 trekking spots near Mumbai

Would you like to just sit at home and have a hot cup of coffee when it’s raining outside? Or you are from the lot who would rather venture outdoors and have fun? If you are from the latter lot, these destinations are your cup of Coffee. Trekking is best experienced in Monsoon and why travel far away when you have some amazing monsoon trekking destinations to go near your hometown itself. Here we bring you a list of trekking spots near Mumbai w...

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Chadar Trek Guide: 12 Quick Answers For Everything You Need To Know About The Frozen River Trek

Is walking on a frozen river on your bucket list yet? When we first heard about the Chadar Trek years and years ago we were amazed by the symphony of this frozen world - frozen river, frozen waterfalls, frozen caves! We wanted to know more about the ‘frozen’ Chadar. The first thing we learned was that Chadar trek is rightly called so because the word ‘Chadar’ signifies ‘Blanket’ in the local language. After all, what would you na...

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Yuksom: Your Heavenly Gateway to the Goecha La Trek

The North-East of India still has many mystic and amazing places which are yet unexplored. It’s as if calling out travellers to live their ultimate dream of finding something new. With so many places to travel, Yuksom in Sikkim is one place you should definitely visit. Yuksom is a small town but with big historical significance of Sikkim. Yuksom exposes you to the rich cultural and historical treasures of Sikkim. It is the place where th...

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Offbeat treks in India

26 Offbeat Treks in India and Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Them

The process of zeroing in on a single trekking place for our next adventure reminds us that, where there are places that are exceedingly frequented, there are places yet to be traversed. Where there are places immensely famed, there are stunning places yet to be known.What a pleasure would it be to travel our country beyond its beaten tracks and trails to new horizons and different directions. So in this filtered digital era, lay your hold on thi...

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