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International Yoga Day : Expert Tips on Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga by Tapashi Devchoudhury

“Yoga is the Journey of the self, through the self , to the self”                                                                                                                                              -The Bhagavad Gita   The above quote aptly explains why ‘Yoga’ has become a worldwide phenomenon. This technique of  union of the mind, body and soul...

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Fathers Day: 11 Incredible Father Kid Adventure Videos

  “Dad, will you and Mom come for my Annual Day tomorrow?” “Dad, can you please get me new video game?” “Dad, can you pick me up from school?” “Dad, I have college projects to do, can I get a laptop?” “Dad can you buy me a new phone?” The answers to all the above questions have always been a ‘yes’.’ Father’, ‘Papa’, ‘Daddy’, ‘Dad’, call what you may, he is a daughter’s first love an...

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World Environment Day 2017: How to Minimise Impact on the Environment

Try to Leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived.                                                                                                                                           -Sidney Sheldon   Sidney Sheldon gives us all the feels of being a responsible dweller on this Earth in this Quote which we can rightly call one of best quotes for the Worl...

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Health and Heritage now hand-in-hand: Spiti Heritage Run

Running long distances is an amazing feeling that subjects you to extremes, putting you in your element. So to say, it gives you an amazing feeling. But here’s a run with a twist. Imagine, a high-altitude run amidst the picturesque snowy mountains of the Himalayas! India has always been famous for its heritage places. So on this World Heritage Day we bring you one of the places considered as a heritage site by the Archaeological Survey of Indi...

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