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10 Things You Can Relate To If You Have An Adventurous Buddy

10 Things You Can Relate To If You Have An Adventurous Buddy

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.

Jim Morrison

The above quote is the reason why friends are a blessing. A shoulder to cry on, always the first person to be happy in your achievements, that one person you can always look upon for help, who understands you better even without you saying it, are some meanings of a friend. A friend is a life line and a friend is what makes us complete as a person.

On this Friendship Day we celebrate the spirit of friendship but by adding a tinge of adventure to it. There are friends who would take you to a pub or a cafe to spend time. But ever thought if you have friend who is an outdoor junkie, loves travelling and has that adventure zest, how would he drag you to spend time?

From going to a Road Trip to Scuba Diving, here are 10 things you will relate to if you have an adventurous buddy.

1.  An adventurous buddy while trekking or mountaineering would give you a hand during a climb. That is how the bond is expressed.

Friendship Day 2016: The idea of Bonding

2. It's very normal that a friend would suddenly pop up and drag you to hang out somewhere, but when it comes to an adventurous buddy, he would drag you out in the wilderness as an idea of hanging out.

Friendship Day 2016: The idea of Hanging out

3. Typically the thought of enjoying monsoons is of  sitting at home and having a hot cup of tea. But an adventurous buddy... Well, Rafting is the way to spend monsoons.

Friendship Day 2016: The idea of enjoying monsoons.

4. Going out in a party , having drinks is the way normal people get their high. But an adventurous buddy will get his high, when he climbs a mountain or when he finishes his trek etc.

Friendship Day 2016: The idea of getting high

5. Your friends would drag you out for shopping at Forever 21, Zara etc. If you have an adventurous buddy, he will drag you out to buy gear for his next trip.

Friendship Day 2016: The idea of Shopping

6. We just go bonkers when it comes to taking selfies. Taking it through a phone is fine, but your mad adventurous buddy would rather prefer a Go Pro.

Friendship Day 2016: The idea of taking Selfies

7. Going out for dinners and lunches in restaurants or canteens or cafes is what you would normally do. but if you ask your adventurous buddy for a dinner date, you'd be taken out in the wilderness, and your dinner would be under the stars. Even having just Maggi under the stars sounds cool, isn't it?


8. A bike ride near Marine Drive or Juhu is common. But a bike ride on rugged terrains... now that person is sure to be your adventurous buddy.

Friendship Day 2016: Their biking playground.

9. A pool party would sound interesting but if your friend says let's go Scuba diving then your friend is surely an adventurous buddy.

Friendship Day 2016: The idea of an Aqua Party

10. A friend getting promotions, good grades make us happy. But when you know your friend scales a mountain, that's his idea of achievement.

Friendship Day 2016: The idea of Achievement

On this friendship day celebrate your friendship by sharing these moments with your adventurous buddy and embark on an amazing adventure.


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