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17 Camping Tools You Absolutely Wish You Had Earlier

17 Camping Tools You Absolutely Wish You Had Earlier

Do you long to venture into terrains less explored and camp in the depths of wilderness for a couple of days? Ever wish to sing around a bonfire with your friends and dream about spending the nights gazing at the open starry sky? All this can last to become nothing more than a romantic notion if you are not equipped with the right kind of gear and essentials when outdoors.

Camping out in wilderness is a mode of self-actualization, sure. But it’s undeniable that difficulty and discomfort are two elements that personify any form of camping trip you embark on, be it adventure camping, social camping or so to say “glamping”, a trending phenomenon that combines camping with the glamour of luxury.

To ace all your troubles and to show you what you have been missing out on, we have rendered a perfect list of some amazingcamping tools that would change your camping experience if you had them.


1. A Camp Stove with USB Charger

Carrying a stove to a campsite is one thing. Carrying your chargers and god knows how many types of batteries and power banks for your devices is another. And then, there is this unique combination of a Camp stove and USB charger by BioLite, that enables you to cook your meals, while converting the heat into useable electricity enabling you to charge all your USB-chargeable devices, including smartphones. Yes, you heard that right

Camping stove with usb charger.

2. Wearable Heated Sleeping Bag

Guess what is here to do the magic on those extremely chilly camp nights when you just want to crank up the heater because the bonfire heat isn’t just enough? A heated sleeping bag! This bag by RAVEAN promises to let you increase the temperature up to 20 degrees using three simple button controls.

Heated sleeping bag

The best part is you just need to step in it and wear it like a cool onesie.


3. Heat blocking tents with Built-in Fans

If you’re a camper, you are privy to the pains of camping on hot days with blazing sunlight accompanied with the annoyance of stifling heat streaming through your tent. Speaking of which reminds us what a nightmare it is to stay inside a tent on hot days. But guess what? Stay in fear no more because the exclusive Siesta4 tent is a camping tent created in a way that it not only reflects light using a specially designed fly fabric, but also has a socket to place built-in fans to draw fresh air from outside, right at your disposal.

Heat blocking tents with fans.

4. A compact portable stove

Choosing the right camping stove is almost as difficult as it looks, with some being super heavy, some requiring a hell lot of fuel and some just burning out the fuel too soon. The Solo Stove is here to take care of your troubles. It is a super lightweight, compact and efficient stove that uses twigs, leaves, wood and any kind of biomass accessible to you to burn the flame. You’re right, you don’t need to carry heavy, expensive and polluting fuels if you have this little magic stove that takes a nominal space in your backpack.


This stove was the winner of “Gear Of The Year” award - recommended by Backpacker Magazine.


Camping Stove

5. Windproof Lighter wrapped with Emergency Utility Tape

This little storm proof refillable butane lighter by UCO vows to help you light fire in bad weather conditions irrespective of how windy or stormy it gets. You can just hook it to your backpack or to your belt and carry it around. To make it even more likeable, this lighter comes with a strong emergency utility tape wrapped around it. And common! You know you should never underestimate the power of a strong tape when outdoors.

Camping lighter

6. Wind & Waterproof matchsticks

Here is another simple and unique fire starter option that needed to be on our list. These are no ordinary matchsticks that merely extinguish with a faint blow of wind. These windproof and stormproof matchsticks by UCO, burn anywhere from rains to storms. They burn even while wet. Also, if you want to go Butane free or do not have butane to refill the windproof lighter, these matches are just the perfect and the most undemanding way of initiating a fire outdoors.


Camping waterproof matchsticks

These matchsticks bare it all and burn for 10 seconds non-stop


7. Firestarter Paracord Bracelet

We have two excellent fire starters on our list. But what if you misplace them and have nothing to initiate that blazing fire while you’re outdoors. Here’s a bracelet with fire-starting capabilities that clings on to your wrist like a stylish accessory. Just the perfect combination of stylish and practical, right? To make it even more practical, this bracelet by bomber and company is made of 3 meters of paracord.

Firestarter Camping Bracelet

8. Multipurpose Modular Jacket

Want to see a travel jacket that does pretty much everything? This magic jacket by PowearIN makes technology wearable and organising effortless. Going from the lowest temperatures to the highest temperatures, from hand held power charging to wireless pocket charging, it serves 40 and above functions and has 20 and more smart storage rooms. This is the magic it does :

Multipurpose travel jacket

9. Sun Hats that reflect sun’s heat waves

This unique camp gear is a testament of how to beat the heat like a boss. These Sun hats by Alchemi are no ordinary sun hats. Using the Patent Radiant Barrier Technology, similar to what is used in spaceships and spacecrafts to protect astronauts, these hats reflect 80% of the sun’s heat waves away instead of absorbing them, block 99.8% of skin damaging UV rays and cools you down with its cooling panels that are strategically placed throughout the hat. Aren’t they just what you need?

Best camping sun hats

10. Camp Stove Toaster

We all are already privy to the latest trend of preparing multiple eggs on a campsite using a muffin pan. But what about the toasted bread slices you like to relish your eggs with when you’re outdoors? This simple and unique little Camp Stove Toaster that folds up into the size of a small plate lets you toast 4 bread slices at one time just by merely placing it on the stove. This means you can toast it just the way you like it even when outdoors.

Camp stove toaster

11. Water Filter Bottle that adapts to its surroundings

Keeping your body hydrated is extremely important, more so when you embark on an adventure outdoors. To serve the purpose, you need a water filter bottle that works in rough conditions. Unlike other water filters that remove only one kind of particulate, this MUV water filter adapts to several outdoor needs and removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. Most importantly, it allows you to change the filter modules depending on where you are and what your water is like. You can have it in a bottle or use it as a straw directly drinking from the available source.

Water filter bottle

12. Four compartment sack that kills clutter

If you want to spend more time exploring the world and less time exploring your backpack every time you need to take something out of it, a SegSac is all you need. It is a light, water resistant, and durable sack with 4 internal compartments that keep stuff together at one place, yet separated and clutter free. Why be slowed down by the hassle of disorganisation anymore?

Camping backpack sack

You can carry this sack all by itself or arrange things inside it and stuff it in your regular backpack.


13. Wearable LED Straplight

Have you ever been forced to put adventure on hold after dark because you can’t trek, climb or cycle further in darkness? Not anymore. This wearable LED straplight by ZyntonyRa is just what you wished you had. Unlike headlamps and multiple flashlights that require a lot of handling, you just have to strap these super bright LED light straps on your backpack or anywhere on your body and you’re all ready to show your mettle.



14. Base Lantern with bluetooth connectivity

While strap light promises to cater to the demands of your inner adrenaline junkie who never wants to stop, this compact Base Lantern by BioLite promises to cater to the camping needs of large group settings. The coolest thing about this lantern is that it won’t be bigger than a sandwich in size, has bluetooth connectivity that lets you control the intensity of lighting, select mood lighting, and also charge your phone and other devices.



15. All in 1 Flying Tent

Have you ever longed to spend hours laying around on a hammock at a stunning campsite but the constant intrusion by untimely rains, unfriendly mosquitoes and the fear of coconuts falling on your head nipped your dreamy thoughts in the bud? This multi-functional outdoor gear by Flying Tent seems to be the single solution for any outdoor and camping experience.


Multipurpose tent

                       It’s a 4 in 1 gear that includes : floating tent, bivy tent, hammock and a rain poncho.                                                                                                                 Image Source: 

Multipurpose camping flying tent


16. Silicone Collapsible Travel Cups

You can expand this compact silicone cup by Ecoart whenever you need to drink something and collapse and slide it right inside your backpack and guess what? It will hardly take any place. Just the perfect travelling cup you wish you had carried before.


Silicon collapsible travel cups

17. Rinse Kit

For all those who love to camp outdoors but wish they had a portable shower that they could just take everywhere they went, here is an actual compact pressurized portable shower by RinseKit that carries about 2 gallons of water and stores the pressure from the tap and comes with a spray nozzle that offers seven different settings from jet stream to soaking shower.


portable shower

Image Source: 

Portable shower

These are the top 17 camping tools that we think will ease and elevate your camping experience. Let us know which is your favourite from this list of camping tools. Also, if you know about any more camping gear or equipment that you think are life-changing, then don't hold back and drop in your suggestions in the comments below.


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