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31 Adventure Destinations In India That Will Make You Set Off On Your Next Adventure

31 Adventure Destinations In India That Will Make You Set Off On Your Next Adventure

Adventure and Tourism are like two peas in a pod. Travelling is incomplete without great adventures and great adventures are only accomplished after travelling to greater miles. On the occasion of World Tourism Day, we decided to blend two of the most exhilarating elements of all: Adventure and Tourism. And here we bring to you a comprehensive list of 31 different Adventure Destinations in India, that will quench the insatiable thirst of your inner traveller as well as adventurer who is constantly looking out for breaking into new avenues and possibilities.

1. Bir-Billing

Popular Activity: Paragliding

Bir-Billing of Himachal Pradesh is the first to lead off our list of exciting Adventure Destinations in India that your inner adventurer can hit up for paragliding. All the paragliding enthusiasts seeking the best kind of aerial kick would be pumped to know that Bir-Billing is regarded as the best site in Asia and the second best site in the world for Paragliding.

How To Reach Bir?

Nearest Airport: Dharamshala Airport (67.6 Km) via NH154.

Nearest Railway Station: Pathankot Railway Station (142 Km) via NH154.


Bir-Billing Breath-taking Views, Breath-taking Hues.

2. Meghalaya

Popular Activity: Caving

Next up is the land of beautiful caves, the abode of clouds: Meghalaya, bringing an activity which has demarcated Meghalaya from other Adventure Destinations in India. Boasting more than 1500 caves and caving sites, Meghalaya is potentially bringing caving into the forefront of adventure activities in India. It is endowed with the longest cave in India, Krem Liat Prah, and myriads of explored and unexplored caves to its virtue.

How To Reach Meghalaya?

Nearest Airport: Shillong Airport (117.6 Km) via NH106.

Nearest Railway Station: Guwahati Railway Station (179 Km) via NH31.

Meghalaya Caves Source:

Unravelling new findings certainly has its own kick.

Meghalaya Caves Source:

3. Auli

Popular Activity: Snow Skiing.

If finding the ideal snow skiing destination outside of Himachal Pradesh or Jammu and Kashmir is your affliction, then Uttarakhand’s Auli is your antidote. Elevated at 2500 to 3050 meters, this picturesque town of Auli encircled by coniferous and oak forests, glittering snow coated slopes and stunning panoramas of the Himalayas is the perfect skiing destination for a professional skier as well as a novice.

How To Reach Auli?

Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport (180 Km) via Chakrata Road.

Nearest Railway Station: Rishikesh Railway Station (193 Km) via Chakrata Road.

Auli Skiing One visit to Auli and you will know why the serenity of this place is gushed over.

4. Tarkarli

Popular Activity: Scuba diving and other water sports.

This Adventure destination in India is for all you water babies out there, seeking to experience scuba diving and snorkeling in Maharashtra. The Tarkarli beach in Sindhudurg District is a treasure trove of serenity, clear waters, tall Suru trees, exotic marine life and almost every conceivable water sport is done in and around Tarkarli. You can partake in scuba diving, snorkeling, boat rides, dolphin spotting , banana rides, jet skiing and even parasailing.

How To Reach Tarkarli?

Nearest Airport: Dabolim Airport in Goa (134 Km) via NH66.

Nearest Railway Station: Kudal Railway Station (35.7 Km) via Kudal Malvan Road.

Tarkarli Beach Tarkarli Beach-one of the popular adventure destinations in india for scuba diving

Tarkarli Water Sports Source:

Tarkarli Scuba Diving Source:

5. Neemrana Fort Palace

Popular Activity: Flying Fox.

If adventure stirred with a touch of royalty sounds like your thing, you have the good fortune to go on a flying fox zipline adventure over the Neemrana Fort Palace in Rajasthan. Apart from the glorious views over the fort and the Aravalli hills, you are given 5 thrilling zip-lines with the most unique names to choose from like: Zip 1-To Qila Slammer (330m), Zip 2-Where Eagles Dare (400m), Zip 3-Pussy Galore (90m), Zip 4-Goodbye Mr Bond(250m), Zip 5-The Big B (175m).

How To Reach Neemrana Fort Palace?

Nearest Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport (104 Km) via NH48.

Nearest Railway Station: Alwar Railway Station (70.5 Km) via Alwar Road.

Neemrana Fort Flying Fox Flying over Neemrana Fort Palace, India’s first privately owned heritage hotel.

6. Havelock Island

Popular Activity: Scuba diving and other aqua sports.

If there is one place in the Andamans that an aqua enthusiast should hit up, it should certainly be The Havelock Island. An abundance of natural beauty with white sand, azure blue waters and rich marine life, Havelock is home to many adventure water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, sea walking, speed boat rides, glass bottom boat rides, water sofa rides, jet skiing, banana rides, parasailing and even kayaking.

How To Reach Havelock Island?

Nearest Airport: Port Blair Airport (62 Km) via SH4.

Havelock Island Underwater Walk Source:

Havelock Island Scuba Diving Havelock is known to be one of the best adventure destinations in india for Scuba diving. Source:

7. Gulmarg

Popular Activity: Snow skiing and other Snow sports.

Next on our list of Adventure destinations in India is Jammu and Kashmir’s priced possession, Gulmarg. Gulmarg is titled the “heartland of winter sports in India” by the CNN and is ranked as Asia’s 7th best ski destination. Famed for its beautiful snow coated mountains and stunning valleys, Gulmarg is the perfect skiing destination in India, and not only that, it also is a host to a number of other activities like snow sledging, gondola rides, trekking and backpacking.

How To Reach Gulmarg?

Nearest Airport: Srinagar Airport (57.4 Km) via NH1.

Nearest Railway Station: Jammu Tawi Railway Station (345 Km) via NH44.

Gulmarg Skiing Source:

Gulmarg Gondola Source:

8. Sahyadris

Popular Activity: Trekking.

This adventure destination blissfully caters to all the trekkers and hikers. The Sahyadri range in Northern and Central Maharashtra is a perfect set of low hills offering innumerable easy and moderate treks. Walking along intricate series of paths lined with mystical temples, hill forts, and picturesque water bodies make these hills even more inviting. Monsoon paints the canvas of Sahyadris in a different colour and is the best time to explore the region.

How To Reach Sahyadris?

Nearest Airport: Varies with region. Nearest Railway Station:  Varies with region.

Sahyadris The extensive range of sahyadris.

9. Rishikesh

Popular Activity: River Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Flying Fox, Camping, Kayaking.

If Rishikesh is the destination, river rafting is your prerogative. We get it! But there are plenty of other adventure activities that this beauty of Uttarakhand offers, may be that’s why it is rightly dubbed as the ultimate of all Adventure Destinations in India. Apart from its famed river rafting, Rishikesh has adventurers embark on multiple activities like Bungee jumping, Kayaking, Flying Fox, Rappelling, Kayaking and Camping.

How To Reach Rishikesh?

Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant airport (20 Km) via Rishikesh Road.

Nearest Railway Station: Rishikesh Railway Station.

Rishikesh River Rafting Source:

Rishikesh Bungee Jumping Source:

10. Sandakphu

Popular Activity: Trekking

Sandakphu is on our list of Adventure Destinations in India because it quenches the thirst of many trekkers who seek the spectacular views of Mt Kanchenjunga, but do not want to engross in a super arduous trekking expedition. The trail passes through the Singalila ridge, which is one of the few spots in the world that provides a view of world’s four out of five highest mountains : Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu and others. Besides, who doesn’t like a low difficulty trek that yields such visual grandeur?

How To Reach Sandakphu?

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is the Bagdogra Airport (115 Km) via H07.

Nearest Railway Station: The nearest railway station is the New Jalpaiguri Railway   (128 Km) via H07.


Sandakphu Trek Spectacular view of Mount Kanchenjunga from Sandakphu.

11. Gokarna

Popular Activity: Surfing

This destination is for all the surfers out there. The place is an amalgamation of adventure and culture. Known as one of the top Hindu pilgrimage centres in India, Gokarna of Karnataka is also famed for its beautiful untouched beaches. Luminous skies, tall coconut trees, hilly backdrop and pristine waters-this place has everything a surfer wants.

How To Reach Gokarna?

Nearest Airport: Dabolim Airport (154 Km) via NH66.

Nearest Railway Station: Gokarna Railway Station.

Gokarna Source:

12. Netrani Island

Popular Activity: Scuba diving and Snorkeling.

Netrani is a small island of India  resting in the Arabian Sea, off the coast of Karnataka. It stands tall on our list of Adventure Destinations in India because it is an unconventional diving spot that offers excellent Scuba diving and Snorkeling opportunities. The diving sites here host amazing diversity of fish and coral life. It is known for its regular sightings of Whales, Napoleon Wrasse, Stingrays, Cobias, Turtles and Whale Sharks.

How To Reach Netrani Island?

Nearest Airport: Mangalore Airport.

Nearest Railway Station: Murdeshwar Railway Station.

Netrani Island Scuba Diving Source:

13. Rajasthan

Popular Activity: Hot air ballooning, Desert & Wildlife Safaris, Dune-bashing, Zip-lining, Camping, Paragliding.

Rajasthan, the land of kings is also an underrated land of adventure. It is a limitless reservoir of adventure, thrill and enthusiasm. The reason we say so is because there is so much an adventurer can seek and do in Rajasthan. You can go for Hot Air Ballooning over forts and palaces, Desert and Camel safaris, Wildlife Safaris, Zip-lining, Paragliding, Camping and even Biking and Cycling tours.

How To Reach Rajasthan?

Nearest Airport: Rajasthan has both International and Domestic Airports.

Nearest Railway Station: Rajasthan has its own Railway Stations.

Rajasthan Source:

Rajasthan is one of the best adventure destinations in India for you, if you want to experience great thrill and cultural heritage together.

Rajasthan Hot Air Ballooning Source:

14. Solang Valley

Popular Activity: Zorbing, Paragliding, Heli rides, ATV bike rides, Skiing.

People rejoice in the beauty, thrill and splendor that the Solang valley of Himachal Pradesh yields. Located 14 km North-west of Manali, this valley of abundance is emerging as the next thing in adventure tourism in Himachal. Zorbing down the hills of this valley and Paragliding over a stunning landscape are gaining tremendous interests in this region. There are also heli rides, ATV bike rides and skiing performed with great interest.

How To Reach Solang Valley?

Nearest Airport: Bhuntar Airport.

Nearest Railway Station: Joginder Nagar Railway Station.

Solang Valley Source:

15. Hampi

Popular Activity: Bouldering.

This temple town from Northern Karnataka is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What’s interesting is that the religious village of Hampi is replete with giant, innumerable Granite boulders, making this destination a paradise for all the bouldering enthusiasts. Whether you’re an amateur boulderer or a pro, you will not be able to contain your delight once you discover Hampi and its physical bounties.

How To Hampi?

Nearest Airport: Bellary Airport (62 Km) via NH67.

Nearest Railway Station: Hospet Junction Railway Station (13 Km) via SH49.

Hampi Bouldering Hampi is one of the best adventure destinations in India for bouldering. Source:

16. Zanskar

Popular Activity: Chadar Trek

The Zanskar region of Ladakh is a tiny slice of heaven for trekkers. It is renowned more specifically  for its remarkable Chadar trek. In winters the Zanskar river gets frozen and a blanket of snow envelops the river, making this extensive blanket of ice the only way to reach the valley. This is the Chadar trek. The beauty of this trek is indescribable. You might have heard about various  accounts of this place, but one is never ready for this kind of ultimate immersion.

How To Reach Zanskar?

Nearest Airport: Leh Airport (455 Km) via NH1 and NH301.

Nearest Railway Station: Jammu Tawi Railway Station.

Zanskar Chadar Trek Walking on the frozen Zanskar River.

17. Pondicherry

Popular Activity: Scuba diving, Surfing, Backwater Sailing, Cycling.

How could we not include Pondicherry in our list of Adventure destinations in India. It is home to multiple adventurous and recreational activities and caters to different kinds of adventurers. Water babies can kick off with Scuba diving, Surfing, Backwater Sailing or camping at various beaches, cyclists can explore Auroville’s dirt-tracks or other untapped trails on a bicycle. You could also go for hikes or treks or walk through the Ousteri Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a treat for wildlife enthusiasts. Completely spoilt for choice!

How To Reach Pondicherry?

Nearest Airport: Puducherry Airport.

Nearest Railway Station: Villupuram (37 Km) via NH332.

Pondicherry Source:

Pondicherry Cycling Source:

18. Kamshet

Popular Activity: Paragliding.

Looking for an ideal Paragliding destination in Maharashtra? Your quest is over.  Kamshet, located in the Pune district of Maharashtra is renowned for two things : The OSHO Ashram and PARAGLIDING! The topography is stunning with deep hues of greens dotting the entire hilly terrains. You can choose from a number of options like The Classic Tandem Paragliding, Instructional Paragliding or Acro Tandem Paragliding.

How To Reach Kamshet?

Nearest Airport: Pune Airport (50 Km) via Old Mumbai Pune Highway.

Nearest Railway Station: Kamshet Railway Station.

Kamshet Paragliding Source:

19. Rann Of Kutch

Popular Activity: Biking.

After all there is a reason behind testing landspeed records on salt flats, isn’t it? This extensive stretch of salt marshes named Rann of Kutch amidst nowhere in Gujarat is perfect for the bikers out there who are not afraid to go the extra mile, quite literally. You can set off on your spiritual voyage of biking and just immersing in the nothingness of this place.

How To Reach Rann Of Kutch?

Nearest Airport: Bhuj Airport.

Nearest Railway Station: Bhuj Railway Station.

Rann of Kutch Source:

20. Mukundpur

Popular Activity: White Tiger Safari.

Mukundpur village of Madhya Pradesh has potentially developed as the next adventure destination. All thanks to the opening of the World’s First White Tiger Safari here in Mukundpur, this year. The first of its kind safari is spread over 25 hectares. As of now, there are two Royal Bengal Tigers and three White Tigers. Soon, the safari will have 9 more White Tigers in the coming few months. Expedition of spotting a White Tiger! How cool is that!

How To Reach Mukundpur?

Nearest Airport: Satna Airport (46 Km) via NH39.

Nearest Railway Station: Satna Railway Station (48 Km) via NH39.

Mukundpur White Tiger Source: newsmarg-com

Mukundpur White Tiger Safari Source:

21. Bandhavgarh National Park

Popular Activity: Wildlife Safari.

Speaking of Tigers and Madhya Pradesh, how can we not include this National Park that boasts one of the highest density of Tiger population in India. The Bandhavgarh National Park of  Madhya Pradesh is a popular national park in India that offers a wildlife tour to the interiors of its region. You can embark on a Wildlife Safari here and may even spot Royal Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Indian Bison and various species of deer.

How To Reach Bandhavgarh National Park?

Nearest Airport: Jabalpur Airport (18 Km) via Airport Road.

Nearest Railway Station: Katni Murwara Junction (94 Km) via NH30.


Bandhavgarh National Park. Wildlife tour at Bandhavgarh National Park.

22. Dwarka

Popular Activity: Scuba diving.

The city of Dwarka in Gujarat is known for its incomparable Scuba Diving expedition best experienced at Beyt Dwarka, an island 30 km from the main town. This island is the ideal location to go Scuba Diving in Dwarka. You not only get to visit innumerable and exotic corals, sea anemones, glassy jellyfish, but also get to witness the remains of Old Dwarka, Lord Krishna’s ancient abode, which was believed to be submerged thousands of years ago. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

How To Reach Dwarka?

Nearest Airport: Jamnagar Airport (128 Km) via NH947.

Nearest Railway Station: Dwarka Railway Station.

Dwarka Scuba Diving Diving into the depths of mysterious waters of Dwarka.

23. Goecha La Pass

Popular Activity: Trekking.

The Goecha La Pass trek is one of the most celebrated treks in the state of Sikkim. The highlight of this trek is the spectacular mountain views it provides, especially of the majestic Mt Kanchenjunga, which is the third highest mountain in the world. The trek commences from Yuksom, passes via Dzongri and concludes at the Goecha La Pass. If you consider yourself as an admirer of nature, then this trek should definitely be on your bucket list.

How To Reach Goecha La?

Nearest Airport: Nearest airport is the Bagdogra airport.

Nearest Railway: Nearest Railway Station is the New Jalpaiguri Junction Railway Station.

Goecha La Trek A glimpse of the Goecha La Trek.

24. The Singalila Ridge

Popular Activity: Cycling.

The Singalila Ridge nestling in the Darjeeling District of West Bengal is one of the few spots in the world that provides a view of the world’s four out of five highest mountains: Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu and others in the panorama’s of a single frame. What is it doing on our list of Adventure destinations in India? Well, apart from the glorious views, this place sees a lot of Mountain Biking & Cycling, Hiking and Trekking, Rock Climbing, Forest Safari and Jungle Camping.

How To Reach Singalila Ridge?

Nearest Airport: Bagdogra Airport (93 Km) via NH110.

Nearest Railway Station: Ghum Railway Station (30 Km) via Rishi Road.


Singalila Ridge Biking Source:

25. Chikmagalur

Popular Activity: Off-Roading.

Chikmagalur is a town in the State of Karnataka, whose lush green forests, towering mountains and coffee estates are celebrated. But it's also on our list of Adventure destinations in India. Wondering what does it bring to the table? Well, Chikmagalur yields great opportunities for Off-roading on its tricky terrains. Embellished with greenery, foggy weather and damp roads, Off-roading in Chikmagalur is quite an experience.

How To Reach Chikmagalur?

Nearest Airport: Mangalore Airport (166 Km) via NH169.

Nearest Railway Station: Kadur Railway Station (70 Km) via NH173.

Chikmagalur Source:

26. Teesta River

Popular Activity: White Water Rafting.

The Teesta river is an extensive river flowing through Sikkim. Known as the lifeline of Sikkim, Teesta is an aqua treat for the rafters in India. The freezing waters of the river creates a sequence of white water rapids with changing intensity. The rafting expedition commences from the Cho Lhamu Lake, steering you through gurgling riverbanks lined with dense forests and quaint village settlements.

How To Reach Teesta River?

Nearest Airport: Bagdogra Airport (103 Km) via NH10.

Nearest Railway Station: New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (102 Km) via NH10.

Teesta River Rafting Source:

27. Deesa

Popular Activity: Skydiving.

This pretty lakeside city in Gujarat rules the skydiving scenario in India. The best adjective will still be an understatement while describing the unreal views skydiving in Deesa offers. Did you know that Gujarat is the first Indian state to have a certified drop-zone in Deesa? The city has been a host to various skydiving tours and there are regular camps run by the Indian Parachuting Federation.

How To Reach Deesa?

Nearest Airport: Ahmedabad Airport.

Nearest Railway Station: Palanpur Railway Station (27 Km) via NH27.

Deesa Gujarat Skydiving Deesa is famed to be one of the ultimate adventure destinations in India for skydiving. Source: Deesa Gujarat Skydiving

28. Dodital

Popular Activity: Angling, Trekking, Camping.

Making its way on our list of Adventure Destinations in India is Dodital, a freshwater lake in Uttarakhand. Regarded as an angler’s paradise and perched in the crest of mountains, this lake provides three things to an adventurer: a wonderful trekking opportunity, camping along the Dodital lake, and a wonderful Angling opportunity as the lake is home to rare Himalayan Golden Trout.

How To Reach Dodital?

Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun.

Nearest Railway Station: Dehradun Railway Station.

Dodital Lake An angler's paradise.

29. Jaisalmer

Popular Activity: Dune Bashing.

Jaisalmer, the Golden City of Rajasthan brings to you the extreme adventure sport of Dune Bashing. Dune Bashing is a type of off-roading done on sand dunes and Jaisalmer is believed to have the best sand dunes for Dune Bashing or even Desert Safaris. Also, if you are visiting Jaisalmer, you must visit Sam Sand Dunes, where you can enjoy camel and jeep desert safari and conclude the day with the best gypsy musical and dance event held in the desert camp.

How To Reach Jaisalmer

Nearest Airport: Jodhpur airport (285 Km) via NH15.

Nearest Railway Station: Hamira Railway Station (24 Km) via NH15.

Jaisalmer Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer.

30. Miyar Valley

Popular Activity: Rock Climbing.

The beautiful Miyar Valley of Himachal Pradesh is one of the Adventure destinations in India that you should certainly visit if you are a rock climber or a trekking enthusiast. Located on the border of Leh, lined with lush forests and endowed with plenty of rocky formations and rugged outgrowths, Miyar valley is the perfect destination for Rock Climbing.

How To Reach Miyar Valley?

Nearest Airport: Bagdogra airport.

Nearest Railway Station: The New Jalpaiguri Railway station.

Miyar Valley Source:

31. Goa

Popular Activity: Water Sports.

Popular Activity:

Goa! There’s something in the name, in the air, in the vibe. Goa is a destination that caters to almost all kinds of adventurers. You can use the sun, sand and sea to your amusement by trying out various adventure sports and activities like Stand up Paddle Boarding, Kitesurfing, Kayaking, Knee and Wake-boarding, Ringo Rides, Parasailing, Scuba diving, Snorkelling, Banana Rides, Underwater Walk and also treks like the Dudhsagar and Udaan Dongor treks.

How To Reach Goa?

Nearest Airport: The Dabolim Airport of Goa.

Nearest Railway Station: The two major railheads in Goa are Madgaon and Thivim.

We would love to know about your favourite Adventure Destinations in India. Write to us in the comments section below and also don't forget to share this post with your friends. Until next time!


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