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17 Cool Cycling Accessories And Gadgets That Will Jazz Up Your Ride

17 Cool Cycling Accessories And Gadgets That Will Jazz Up Your Ride

Take one big cup of love for cycling, two cups of innovative design, simmer it in the hot sauce of fanciness. Tadaaa! You have to yourself a recipe that can potentially spice up your ride. Pun intended! In this era of uber technological development, there are multiple gadget inventions catering to different aspects of product design - functionality, looks, feel. However, we have to admit, when it comes to cycling accessories and gadgets, we don’t mind garnishing their functionality with a little dash of ‘fancy shmancy’.

Look at these cool cycling gadgets and inventions that bring functionality as well as the right kind of jazz to your ride:

1. Smart Navigation Device:

This unique navigation device will navigate you to your destination with very simple directions. All you need to do is strap the device on the handlebar of your cycle, select your destination on its free app and off you go. It displays directions, distance covered, speed, time and also saves frequently visited destinations.

Smart Navigation Device Cycling accessories by: BeeLine

Product Name: Smart Navigation Device

2. Animated Bicycle Wheels System

Sometimes we all wish to unleash the inner child in us and in the process of doing so we might bump into some uber creativity. The innovation of this bicycle wheels system takes product designing to the next level. The system displays funky images and animations on the wheels. Once you pep your wheels up, you can have your favourite characters rolling along with you right on your wheels. Cool much?

Image Source: Image Source:

 Animated Bicycle Wheels System

Cycling accessories by: Monkeylectric

Product Name: The Monkey Light Pro

3. Smart eyewear for sports

It doesn’t get any cooler than wearable technology. This smart eyewear is made specially for sports and fitness and we think it will be the perfect cycling gadget for your ride. It delivers live metrics like distance, pace, duration straight to your eye and also lets you click pictures, record videos, post on social media and also make calls while cycling.

Smart sports eyewear Image Source: Smart Sports Eyewear

Cycling accessories by: Recon instruments

Product Name: Recon Jet

4. Virtual Bicycle Safety Lane

You never know when cycling at nights can turn into an absolute nightmare due to low visibility. If you really love cycling at nights but fear becoming a roadkill in the dark, the virtual bicycle safety lane is for you. The apparatus of the virtual lane mounts on any bike and projects two powerful red laser lights on both the sides. It’s almost like having your own lane markers on the road.

Virtual Safety Bicycle Lane Image Source: Virtual Safety Bicycle Lane

Cycling accessories by: Xfire

Product Name: Virtual Bicycle Safety Lane

5. Spokeless Wheels

These one of a kind wheels provide a suspension system within the wheel itself. They replace the traditional spokes of a cycle with springs, forming three looping frames connected to a central node that receives the force coming from all directions, giving you a smoother experience. You can spice up your ride with these shock absorbing wheels as well as negotiate better with rough and choppy terrain.

Spokeless Bicycle Wheels

Cycling accessories by:  Loopwheels

Product Name: Loopwheels for Mountain Bikes

6. Hand Mirror

Having a rear view while riding is extremely important. So here’s a hand mirror that fits effortlessly on the back of your hand. The hand mirror comes with a vibration free lens which does not interfere with your hand movements when you are cycling. Now, safety while riding is in your hands, quite literally.

Cycle Hand mirror Image Source: Bicycle Hand Mirror

Cycling accessories by: CIPA

Product Name: Hand mirrors

7. Smart Bicycle Helmet

Taking the conventional helmet a notch higher, this smart bicycle helmet brings the perfect amount of jazz and functionality to your ride. It makes you visible to others on your night strolls as well as displays integrated, brake and turn signal lights to communicate your intentions better to the drivers behind you.

Smart Bicycle Helmet Image Source: Smart Bicycle Helmet

Cycling accessories by: Lumos

Product Name: Smart Bicycle Helmet

8. Bicycle Blinkers

These cycling accessories are the coolest light based accessories that come with a front and a rear device. Bicycle Blinkers have a lot of functionalities. They go from being smart lights and turning indicators to brake lights and virtual safety lane – All in 1.

Bicycle Blinkers Image Source: Bicycle Blinkers

Cycling accessories by:  Blinkers

Product Name: Bicycle Blinkers

9. Bicycle Turn Signal

This is an under-seat turn signal that flashes bright red arrow lights to warn the people behind your bicycle of any lane changes or turns. It works on a simple push button that is fixed on the handlebar of the cycle.

Bicycle Turn Signal Image Source: Bicycle Turn Signal

Cycling accessories by: Buztronics

Product Name: Bicycle Turn Signal

10. Cleats that transform any shoes into cycling shoes

Remember the times you go too hard on the paddle and your foot slips right off because of your stiff shoes. That's because you need the right cycling shoes to maintain the momentum. These cycling accessories are an alternative to buying new shoes. They are attachable nylon cleats  that can convert any street shoes to efficient cycling shoes. All you have to do is fix the cleats on the bottom of the desired shoes and you’re done.

Cycling shoe cleats Image Source:

Cycling accessories by: Retrofitz

Product Name: Cycling shoe cleats

11. Turn Signal Cycling Backpack

This one of a kind backpack promises to serve two major requirements of a cyclist – carrying all the stuff in a spacious bag and taking care of safety by displaying turn signals on the bag itself. It functions on a basic wireless controller that goes right on your handlebar. Now, you can give out directions and emergency indicators like a boss!

Turn signal cycling backpack Image Source:

Turn Signal Cycling Backpack

Cycling accessories by: Leemyungsu

Product Name: Seil bag

12. Keyless Bike Lock

Forget misplacing your bike keys because the keyless bike lock is here. With just one click, this device lets you lock and unlock your cycle, share its location or access with your friends and family and also lets you keep a track of various aspects of your cycling activity like duration covered and calories burnt. Fancy! but the right kind of fancy, isn’t it?

Keyless Bike Lock

Cycling accessories by: Bitlock

Product Name: Keyless Bike Lock

13. Exploding Anti-theft Bicycle Alarm

Busting thieves! Isn’t it an ultimate childhood fantasy? Well, here’s an anti-theft bicycle alarm that produces a loud bang and a burst of smoke and sparks, crazy enough to startle any burglar in case of tampering. So Rad!

Exploding anti-theft bike alarm Image Source: Exploding anti-theft bicycle alarm

Cycling accessories by: Yannick Read

Product Name: Bike Mine

14. Rear view Radar

This cycling device was created to eliminate the chances of being hit from behind. The radar warns the cyclist of approaching vehicles from up to 140 meters away. It also notifies the vehicles behind you about your presence by flashing a blinking rear light whenever it senses that the vehicle is approaching in your direction.

Rear view Cycling Radar

Cycling accessories by: Garmin

Product Name: Garmin Varia

15. Bicycle Axle Charger

This cycling accessory is ideal for those cycling trips when you run out of battery and there is no source to charge your devices. You can attach this device to your bicycle axle and it will convert all the kinetic energy produced from your cycling to power your devices.

Bicycle axle charger Image Source: Bicycle axle charger

Cycling accessories by: Siva

Product Name: Cycle Atom

16. USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight

This headlight is a high intensity headlight that is designed with a built-in USB charging port, that can be charged anywhere. Not only that, it comes with a universal fitment mount making it easily fit on all kinds of bike frames. Now you can spice up any type of bike with this water, shock and impact proof USB Rechargeable headlight.

USB Rechargeable Cycling Headlight Image Source: USB Rechargeable Cycling Headlight

Cycling accessories by: CatEye

Product Name: Volt 1200

17. A seatpost that turns into an Air pump

Here’s an innovative product design that converts a seatpost into an air pump - 2 in 1! You don’t have to worry about your tyre going flat and having no source to fill it up. The source is right there. Just flip the seatpost out and using the saddle as a handle, fill in the air into the tyre.

Cycle Seatpost Pump Image Source:

Cycle Seatpost Pump

Cycling accessories by: Biologic

Product Name: PostPump 2.0 Seatpost

Tell us what you think about these cycling accessories. We would also love to know about your favourite sports gadgets or inventions. So write to us in the comments section below.



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