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#CaptureAdventure Calendar Contest: Photographs worthy of a Special Mention

#CaptureAdventure Calendar Contest: Photographs worthy of a Special Mention

AdventureN's annual calendar contest , #CaptureAdventure was met with an amazing and enormous response. With adventure activities involved as categories, it was astounding to see that people of India are quite adventurous and also like clicking their adventure. We received an ocean of entries of which some deserve a special mention even though they could not be the winning entries.  The photographs were so enchanting that we had to give them the appreciation they deserve. So here's bringing you the entries of the #CaptureAdventure Calendar Contest which deserve a special mention.

1. Robbie Ross


A mother's love. There are so many emotions in one click. Love, care, protection is what this click is all about.

2. Dilip Shah

Giraffe Kill

This picture captures the grim reality of the survival of the fittest in the jungle. To get a sight like is this, is sheer luck and patience.

3. Karthik A.K

A beautiful view

Serenity looks just like this! Beautiful!

4. Nitin Nawathe

A blissfull stream

After a tiring trek in the jungle when you come across a stream like this, it's just bliss!

5. Nitish Waila


After looking at this picture, trekking to Hampta Pass is definitely on my bucket list.

6. Rahul Bulbule


Trekking the Himalayas gives mesmerizing views, but the Sandhan Valley of Maharashtra is no less!

Cave near the Kokandiwa Fort

Haven't each one of us dreamt of staying in a cave? If it looks like this then why not?

7. Rahul Singh

A bird having a nice time bathing

Timing and precision is what defines this click. Capturing wildlife this close is fascinating.

8. Raj Sidhu

Triund, Himachal Pradesh

Eternally in love with Himachal!

9. Rishikesh S Hari


Patiently waiting for the kill

10. Sirsho Banerjee


Time to clean up ;)

11. Subir Gosh

Penguins in Antartica

This is what the banks of Antarctica look like. Penguins and Seals!

Chin strapped penguins in Antarctica

A rare sight of the Chin-strapped Penguins.

12. Swaroop Singha Roy

A Toy Car

Who knew in a shot like this a toy car can actually look like its the original standing on a road.

13. Udbhav Nayak

Jal Mahal, Rajasthan

A beauty to behold in the crystal water of Rajasthan. Jal Mahal!

14.  Umang Trivedi

Finding nemo?

Is that our beloved Nemo?

15. Viraj Ghaisas

Tree Dwelling Crab

The vibrant tree dwelling crab captured in its habitat.

16. Vasudev H Masarakall


Just going on my morning walk ;)

If you want your photos to get featured with us tag us with the #CaptureAdventure.


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