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25 Outdoor Survival Hacks That Will Make Your Outdoor Life Easier

25 Outdoor Survival Hacks That Will Make Your Outdoor Life Easier

Hiking, Trekking or any outdoor activity gives us a sense of tranquility. But there are a lot of things which you have to keep in mind when you venture out. You need to figure out stuff like how to make fire, how to cook food, how to light up your tent etc. There are many gadgets and tools available, yet there is a chance that you might not get your hands on it. That is where these Outdoor Survival Hacks and tips will help you out. You can be prepared with a few of these Outdoor Survival Hacks before leaving, the rest of them can come handy if you are stuck in a situation outdoors. Here goes the list. You can thank us later ;)

Outdoor Survival Hacks

1. Knowing the Rope Knots

It is an added advantage if you know the basic knots. Knowing knots is important as it helps you in survival situations. It is a skill which can help you in the most dire situation. Of all the knots, the 3 basic knots are very important. The Clove Hitch, Bowline and Square Knot.

A Clove Hitch knot helps you tie the rope to an object. For eg; to a tree trunk.

  A Clove Knot Image Source:

A Bowline knot helps you to secure yourself in climbing situation. Also this knot can be useful in rescue operations.

Image Source: Bowline Image Source: The Great Outdoors Stack Exchange

A Square Knot helps you to tie multiple stuff together just like a bundle. It is usually used to tie two ropes together.

A Square Knot Image Source:

So rope in some time to know the ropes ;)

2. A DIY Stove from a beer can

When in the outdoors, the most important thing is to make the best of the resources we have. Also if one can’t buy the expensive gadgets needed for the trip there are ways one can make them. A cooking stove from a beer can is just that. A Beer now serves two purposes, it not only gives you a chance to drink , it can give you a chance to eat from it too.

To watch the tutorial, click here

3. Water jug to light your tent

This is the easiest way to light your tent without burning anything or using any electricity. A water jug and a headlight is all you need. But make sure the jug is white in colour because A black jug would not suffice the purpose. Just strap the headlight to your water filled jug and voila! Your tent is all lit up.

4. Wax dipped cotton pads

When in outdoors , one major concern is how to make fire. Yes, you can opt for the primitive way of using twigs and stones, but what if that doesn’t work? There are many other options which can save you. You can make cotton pads dipped in wax. They are easy to store and light up immediately with a lighter. Wax dipped cotton pads Image Source:

5. Use of tic-tac holders to store spices

Don’t discard tic-tac  holders after you have gobbled up all the tic-tacs. These are the most useful and handy storage cans. These spice holders are lighter for your bag and they prevent you from over using the spices. Tic Tac Holders to hold spices Image Source:

6. Toothbrush cum Fork/Spoon

Ever thought your fork/spoon can also help you clean your teeth? Sounds weird? This is one cool hack which you can flaunt around to your fellow trekkers. Convert your fork/spoon into a multi purpose tool like this one. Toothbrush cum Spoon Image Source: Pinterest

7. Burning Crayon, The Emergency Candle

Crayons are the easiest way you can make fire. Lighter to carry and easy to use, crayons should be your go to option when you are in an emergency to make fire. Burning Crayons Image Source:

8. Matchstick Mason Jar

This DIY Jar is sure going to make your life simple in the outdoors. If you don’t find your lighter, the next option to use is matchsticks. But how does one store them? There is a chance that the matchbox may get wet if it rains. So how do you keep the sticks dry? You make your own jar of matchsticks which not only stores the sticks and keeps them dry but also helps you light them. Matchstick Mason Jar Image Source:

9. A Coffee Can Toilet Paper Dispenser

Water is precious! So it’s out of option to use it for your refreshing means outdoors. The Coffee Can toilet paper Dispenser is the best way to keep your paper dry and also to save on the water that you have. Toilet_Paper_Camping_Hanger

To watch the tutorial, click here

10. Gum Wrapper Fire

Those nice minty flavoured gums that you take with you to chew on, can serve another purpose too. Chew on the gum as much as you want but do not throw away the wrapper. It can save your life. Quite literally! You can make fire from that wrapper. All you need is a gum wrapper and a 5V battery.

To watch the tutorial, click here

11. Makeshift Butterfly Bandage

A Butterfly Bandage is what will help you secure those tricky parts of the body where a normal band aid doesn't fit properly. Also you can make the most use of one bandage by converting it into two. Making one is super easy. You can keep your stock ready before you leave for outdoors.

To watch the tutorial, click here

12. Simple Water Filter

What do you do when the only source of water available to you is dirty and muddy? This water filter can be your saviour. Though you still need to boil all the water, here’s how the filter can ease down some of your efforts.Yes there are multiple products available to filter water, but this could be the cheapest option.

To watch the tutorial, click here

13. Lamp from a soda can

If you get hold of a soda can, you can win any survival battle. There are so many things you can do with a soda can . Here’s one more DIY creativity wherein you can make a nice lamp from a simple soda can. The picture says it all. Soda Can lamp Image Source:

14. Tinfoil Battery Hack

If you ever get stuck with a dead flashlight, and don’t have the proper batteries. This hack can help you in case you have AAA batteries. Roll in some tinfoil in the extra space and the batteries will work for a while in an emergency situation. Outdoor Survival Hack in case of a lost battery Image Source:

15. Use an Old CD Stacker Case for Toilet Paper Storage

This is a smart way to keep your toilet paper dry. Do not throw away the CD stacker case as junk. You can take it out with you and store your toilet paper keeping it dry and clean. Use an Old CD Stacker Case for Toilet Paper Storage Source:

16. Pre Scrambled eggs

This is one easy way to avoid getting messed up while scrambling eggs outdoors and this hack also saves a lot of your time. Whisk the exact number of eggs you need to cook and store it in a sealable bottle. This is a very easy hack for an overnight trek. Pre Scrambled eggs Image Source:

17. Soap leaves from a vegetable peeler

Once the bar of soap is wet it gets tough to store it. Use a vegetable peeler to make ‘one-time use strips’ of the soap and your camping experience becomes hassle free. soap-slices from a vegetable peeler Image Source:

18. DIY Toilet Seat

This DIY hack is useful if you are going out camping for a day or two in your own vehicle. For some people relieving themselves in the wilderness is a problem. This hack helps you to be a bit more comfortable in this regard.

To watch the tutorial, click here

19. DIY match stick candles

These candles could be your backup in case you fall short of candles or have a dead flash light. These are very easy to make and store and they of course don’t weigh much. To see how it's done forward the video at 8 minutes 40 seconds.

To watch the tutorial, click here

20. Make your own DIY oven to cook your food

This hack can literally satisfy your hunger pangs. If your Kelloggs or Chocos have finished do not throw the carton. It can help you cook food. All you need is strong sunlight and an aluminium foil and your very own oven is ready!

21. Get your sense of direction through a needle

If you get lost in the wilderness this trick can help you find the correct direction. You need to find a leaf which floats on the water and doesn’t drown in. Gently place a needle on the leaf and the direction the leaf turns can help you identify the way you want to go. Make sure you rub the needle on a cloth many times to magnetize it. Also, it is important that there is no wind or any other magnetic substance around as it can hamper the direction the needle moves. It should either move clockwise or anticlockwise to give you a sense of North and South.

To watch the tutorial, click here

22. Opening a can without a can holder

This hack helps you in dire times. If you forget taking a can opener with you, this trick can save you. Rub the can on a concrete surface so that the edges go blunt.Now just press the can so that the top comes off. Check this out in the video below.

To watch the tutorial, click here.

23. Make your own diy head lamp with a pin

This is a smart and a very easy way to strap a flashlight on your cap so that you don’t have to keep holding it in your hand. By using just a clip you can put it on your cap. Watch the video to know how.

To watch the tutorial, click here

24. Pencil sharpener to make tinder from a twig

This is the most simple way to make tinder from a twig. Carry your sharpener to make tinder shavings which burn faster than burning a whole bunch of twigs. This will get your fire started and you can add on other twigs and not lose on time. Pencil sharpener to make tinder from a twig Image Source:

25. A tinfoil in place of one lost battery

Here’s one more hack if you fall short of a battery. In this hack you literally make a dummy of a battery from a tinfoil so that you fill in the exact space of the one that is missing. This can save you from feeling helpless without a flashlight in the wilderness.

To see the tutorial, click here


These Outdoor Survival Hacks are just what you need to be saved from a disaster when in outdoors. If you have any more hacks to add do let us know in the comments section.


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