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Adventure is nothing beyond you, but it could be!

What is Adventure?

Adventure is nothing beyond you, but it could be!

  “Ever seen a baby take its first steps? Imagine how difficult it must be. All its confused little joints and muscles working in coordination just to take a single step! And then there is that pure, innocent, unadulterated smile, after the very first step! That, I think, is adventure in its true sense”, said Vinita, a recent mother to twins as she observed her tiny toddlers clumping around the house, falling once in a while and getting up the next moment.

Definition of Adventure

The Oxford dictionary defines adventure as an unusual and exciting or daring experience. But to think of it, adventure lies in the most damned of things one can never imagine! We asked a few people around, what Adventure meant to them. The answers we got, ranged right from its meaning in the stereotypical sense to the most unexpected things. For a Chartered Accountant, tallying a balance sheet is an adventure; balancing personal and professional life is an adventure for a working woman; heck! Working in a start-up is an adventure too (we would agree).   

Adventure for Dr.Priyanka

A blog on ‘Live Your Own Adventure’ by Jen Stanton has rightly said it; 

"Life is incredibly unusual and exciting at times. You find yourself living in one city and starting over in the next. You may start a great job or start 8 great jobs before settling into what you love. You may fall in love one day and commit to waking up loving that person every single day for the rest of your life."


Adventure for Kratin Talwar

  What he is saying is that life is basically all about the everyday routine life. And the everyday routine is exactly what makes life a glorious adventure. But only the unending experiences thrown at us, is when you start discovering the true meaning of that word. Check out what people have to say about What is Adventure to them: [embed][/embed]   Each of these larger life events, falling in love or pursuing our dreams, are bold and risky just like adventure. They can create a range of emotions we struggle to put into words. In all honesty, living a happy life is a genuine adventure! But that brings us to think, are we keeping our bars too low? Imagine scaling high mountains in the dark of the night and the light of your torch, just so you could see the sunrise like never before! After all, Buddha has rightly said, “Each morning we are born again.” And what we make of it is what matters the most.   

Adventure for Pratul Jain

History of Adventure

Adventure is no newbie in the town. To think of it, our ancestors were adventurers too! As the legend goes, the Aryan race that mostly resides in north-India, are in effect migrants from the far Western Countries. So to say, these are the people who have crossed mountains, literally, in pursuit of land and better living. A more recent historical example of an adventure would be the one carried out by British in India as a part of their political and military strategies, in addition to the quest for further trade opportunities. During the 19th century, the British had well established their presence in the country. In the period, it was said that the sun never set on the British empire since they had their hold spread almost across the globe. But they were also well aware that there were still locations (read Russia) that were not under their control and sufficient precaution had to be taken against them.   

Historic pics of British at Everest

The invading British forces set up camp near Everest on their journey to the capital Lhasa from India (Caption and photo via Daily Mail)

It was strategically important for the British to stop the advances of Tsarist Russia towards the Indian sub-continent. For this purpose they had to explore several new passes in the Himalayas that would make way to enter Central Asia. Another reason was that it was necessary to open new trade routes to increase business this is where the game began!

 Although for non-adventurous purposes, passes were opened and new peaks were discovered. This activated the grey cells of some enthusiastic explorers who then went on to create history in the world of adventure. From what is popularly known and accepted, Lieutenant Colonel, Sir Francis Younghusband, a British Army officer known for his travels in the Far East and Central Asia. According to Wikipedia, Younghusband was elected President of the Royal Geographical Society in 1919, and two years later became Chairman of the Mount Everest Committee which was set up to coordinate the initial 1921 British Reconnaissance Expedition to Mount Everest. He actively encouraged climbers, including George Mallory, to attempt the first ascent of Mount Everest, and they followed the same initial route as the earlier Tibet Mission. Younghusband remained Chairman through the subsequent 1922 and 1924 British Expeditions. 

George Mallory

George Mallory was an English mountaineer who took part in the first three British expeditions to Mount Everest in the early 1920s. (Photo:   Later in 1841, Sir George Everest, Surveyor General of India from 1830 to 1843, first recorded the location of Everest. This discovery eventually led to the Mount Everest being one of the greatest adventures of all times, making Nepal, home of Mount Everest, one of the most sought after tourist destination as well.

As these adventures became popular, explorers attempted going beyond the ordinary, and Robert Edwin Peary became the first person to reach the North Pole in 1908 while Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole for the first time in 1911.

 A recent article in DNA reported that Nalini Sengupta, a Pune resident got the distinction to name a mountain after her as she, along with a team of 40 Giripremis conquered a new summit in the Himalayan ranges. You think you could be next? Let us know by using the hashtag #AdventureNme



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