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Outdoor Ethics And Online Branding Workshop, 2016

Outdoor Ethics And Online Branding Workshop, 2016

We are grateful for the positive response our workshop based on 'Responsible Outdoor Ethics' received on all 3 days that it was held on. It was very important for us to take this initiative for multiple reasons.

The outdoor industry is getting fiercely competitive and the users are unaware about this level of competition. Because of lack of knowledge, the users may trust the wrong operators. This poses a major concern of safety for users performing these outdoor activities.

With a lot of unskilled and unqualified players jumping in the race, the knowledge that these outdoor facilitators have is only limited to what has been passed on to them by their club seniors or taught in Mountaineering institutes. Globally, mountaineering and other related activities are relatively ever-evolving. Due to advancement of technology and the outdoor industry’s constant tryst with the extreme, a lot of data is churned out on whether a certain practice is really safe or not. So what was previously thought to be a robust practice might be already obsolete now. Therefore, it’s imperative that the operators keep up with the changing face of knowledge.

Also, from our personal experience 0f being an online marketplace we can say that it becomes very difficult for us to get the right operators because the market is unorganised. More so, with no official monitoring body there are a lot of makeshift operators who are increasingly entering the market. The users a lot of times are unaware about such makeshift adventure tour operators, leading to mishaps which at times are fatal.

In order to do our bit in safeguarding the interest of the community, AdventureN, Allied Petzl and Adventure Sports & Beyond Magazine came together to create a one of a kind workshop on outdoor ethics and online branding specifically for Outdoor Tour Operators.

The best ones from the industry came forward to share their knowledge through this workshop. The workshop was an intensive 2 Nights and 3 Days workshop with indoor as well as outdoor sessions which were conducted at The Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali. Here's a quick overview of the workshop:

Day 1

Session: Know Your Equipment

The session was conducted by Mr. Bhushan Poshe of Allied Petzl. He provided an Introduction to equipments and discussed their various applications in detail.

Outdoor Ethics Workshop The Introductory session on Equipment and its standards

Outdoor Ethics Workshop Mr. Bhushan explaining different types of belaying devices

Session: Different types of Anchors and their assessment

This session was conducted by Mr. Kaivalya Varma. This was an intensive session based on Anchors, where participants were exposed to different types of anchoring techniques. Concept of Vector angles for anchors were also touched upon. The pros and cons of certain anchoring techniques were discussed, also the present global safety practices and well researched SERENE/ERNEST anchors were shown to the participants.

Outdoor Ethics Workshop Mr Kaivalya explaining the significance of Vector Angles

Outdoor Ethics Workshop

Session: Wildlife & Conservation

This session was conducted by Mr Shardul Bajikar. A brilliant presentation stressing upon how trekkers and outdoor lovers can contribute to the area of Wildlife and Conservation in India.

Day 2

Session: Revision of anchoring techniques in Outdoors

Participants tried their hands at SERENE/ERNEST Anchoring techniques under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Kaivalya Varma and Mr. Hitendra More.

Outdoor Ethics Workshop

Outdoor Ethics Workshop Participants trying their hands at constructing anchors

Session: Site Assessment

It is imperative that a site is assessed thoroughly before we can start an activity. What type of robust objects need to be used for anchoring as well as what type of anchor one needs to construct for that particular site was debated and discussed herein. 

Outdoor Ethics Workshop

Session: Building Belay and Rappelling Station

Belayers are the integral part of a climbing system. The importance of having robust belay systems was emphasized on participants as well as different techniques of constructing belay stations were discussed in detail. A brief session of Traversing was also touched upon during this time.

Outdoor Ethics Workshop An ongoing session on belay stations

Outdoor Ethics Workshop Demonstration on belaying techniques

Outdoor Ethics Workshop A demonstration on Self belay while rappelling Outdoor Ethics Workshop Mr Hitendra giving a demonstration on Traversing

Session: Online Branding

This session was conducted by Mr. Anand Yadav. For any new company it becomes very difficult to market itself both online and offline. This session was specifically focussed on understanding the basics and all the hygiene tasks for branding a company online. The talk encompasses from how to create a basic website, to usage of different types of online tools which can make tasks simpler.

Day 3

Session: Basics of Leave No Trace

This session was conducted by Mr. Kaivalya Varma and Mr. Hitendra More. The very Fundamentals of Leave No Trace were discussed and its importance was emphasized to the participants.

Session: Equipment Inspection and Maintenance

The point of discussion of this session was how to maintain equipment as well as how to assess its quality.

With that we ended our intensive 3 days workshop. We’re very thankful for all the participants for making this pilot workshop a great success.

This is what they have to say about the workshop:

Shraddha Mehta

The sessions were really helpful for improving belaying and anchoring techniques. The best part about it was that the theory was supported with practicals thus whatever we learnt was also experimented on site. Since most of us were from the same industry, we also had knowledge sharing along with clarification of doubts on the field. Would like to attend more workshops like this in future.

Krishna Kuya

After doing years of trekking we do get a feeling that we know a lot more than others about trekking, safety and environmental ethics. But our eyes opened to reality when we met Mr. Kaivalya who showed us many instances where we might not be correct. It was a great learning experience with him.

Rutwik Naringrekar

The speakers at the workshop were very experienced and the knowledge which they shared was really helpful. The outdoor activities and food was also amazing.

AdventureN is extremely happy to serve the industry in a meaningful and constructive manner. Therefore, we would like to let our Adventurers, Operators and Readers know that we will be coming up with more workshops at regular intervals. All we need is your love and participation. We request you to stick to our space till we come up with our next initiative. Until Next Time! :)




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