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20 Great Adventure Gift Ideas to Gift an Adventure Junkie

20 Great Adventure Gift Ideas to Gift an Adventure Junkie

Tis the Season! Christmas is here and so are the days to enjoy and spend some amazing time doing what you love. Be it Skiing, Sledging or going on a winter trek, this season has something exciting for everybody. You don’t need a reason to gift your loved ones, but in case you are looking for an excuse, Christmas it is! If you have an adventure junkie in your life what’s more amazing than gifting your partner a cool adventure gift.  Here are some of the gifting ideas that you can try to gift your adventure soul.

Here's our List of Adventure Gifts for Adventure Addicts

  1. Go Pro



(Photo: Adventure is about the newness and the thrill of it. And if that moment can be frozen in a photogaph, nothing like it! For an adventure lover,be it paragliding, surfing, mountaineering, trekking or any other sport, clicking his experiences and filming them is what makes it all the more memorable. Gift this and you are sorted for every amazing trip that you are to have! Check it out   

  1. North Face Jacket


North Face jacket

(Photo: North Face is a status, and a brand that's class apart. A North Face jacket is sure to make your loved one hug you so tight that you might get strangled, or possibly ignore you because they are going to be so engrossed in the awesomeness of your gift! This one is sure going to make that soul happy. With winters in full swing the jacket would not only help as winter apparel while trekking or skiing but its one thing any adventurer would love to flaunt. Also, it's got a great fashion value. Check it out   

  1. La Sportiva Shoes
La sportiva shoes

(Photo:   Good shoes are one of the most important factors of any adventure, as much as fitness is. Shoes can affect the performance as well as the body. There are special shoes for every adventure, be it a hike, trek, sports climb, or bouldering, and a pair of shoes could be one of the best gifts with great utility value. Although we do suggest you take your loved one along while buying it. It's always better that they test the comfort of these shoes on their feet. Check it out   

  1. Alpine Expedition Tent


Alpine expedition tent

(Photo: Gilbert K Chesferton once said, "The true object of all human life is to play." And everyone loves a new playground for it. For an adventure lover, an explorer, the outdoors is home and stars are the best blanket. Nothing like an Alpine Expedition Tent for a junkie like that. Imagine, you in a tent, overlooking the gorgeousness of nature with a hot cup of coffee! Sounds almost perfect , right? Check it out   

  1. Lily Drone
Lily Drone

(Photo:   The Lily Drone sounds all cute with it's name, but this one is a badass! Throw your Lily and go about doing your adventure; Lily will record it! Capable of flying for 20 minutes, it can track you and shoot your activities. This an apt gift for an adventurer if he wants to shot himself while skiing, sledging or doing any adventure activity. Sounds like a something you HAVE TO grab? Check it out   

  1. Head Torch
Head torch

(Photo: Sometimes, the dark makes adventures a lot more adventurous than otherwise and anybody who has done a night trek would agree to this. But safety isn't an option and during a night trek, neither is a torch. In such a situation, a head torch comes handy since it allows both your hands to be free for other purposes. A useful tool to light up your path, a head torch can make for a great gift since no adventure kit would be complete without this basic amenity. Check it out   

  1. Riding Jacket


Riding jacket

(Photo: For an outsider, riding may seem like an everyday thing to do. But riding is serious business and riders do not take it lightly. Riding gears are like babies to the members of this fraternity and a riding jacket tops them all. Whether ripping through a dusty trail or riding on a highway, a riding jacket is a must. Check It out   

  1. Smart watches


Sony smart watch

(Photo: Smart wearables are the next big thing in the market. Although not as popular as smartphones on this side of the world yet, they could make for a wonderful gift for an adventurer since it is so concise. So if your partner is a tech-freak, you know where you got to head. Check It Out   

  1. Saddle bags


saddle bags

(Photo:   A good saddle bag can do wonders to make an adventure memorable and comparitively convenient. An adventurer always loves to be free and not needing to carry anything in the hand is as great as it gets. Designed to hold everything from sponges to sandwiches, saddle bags can never fail you. Check it out   

  1. Spotting Scope


Spotting camera

(Photo: Spotting scope is a small portable telescope that comes with added optics to give a good view of terrestrial objects, This is especially useful for wildlife photography. So if your person is wild that way, spotting scope is what you need to look at right away! Check it out   

  1. Victrinox tools


Victrinox Multitool.

Victorinox SwissTool (Photo: Every sport is different in nature and so are the requirements in each of them. Each tool of the Victrinox is built with functionality to a particular sport as its designed by people who love those very sports. All those who have watched the movie 127 hours, you know what I am talking about. Check it out   

  1. First Aid Kit
Adventure Medical kit

(Photo: Sometimes, the pride of an adventurer lies in the bruises that he brings back. But even those bruises sometimes need a decor and your gift of a first aid kit is just handy then. Good health during an adventure is necessary and a first aid kit is a good way to show that you care. Check it out   

  1. Surfing Boards


Surf Boards

(Photo:   If your partner is a water baby, what better than gifting a surf board! Surf boards come in every shape, size and design and can never fail with a surfer. Pick a quirky board and let your loved one tame the waves. Check it out   

  1. Dry Pack


Dry pack

(Photo: Surfers have a lot to carry. After surfing, handling the wet suit is a problem. Gift them a dryback pack and bingo, their problem will be solved. Check it out   

  1. Swiss  knife


Swiss knice

(Photo: A multiple use tool this is one thing that has to be there with an adventurer as you never know when it might come in handy while going out on their travels. Check it out   

  1. Sleeping Bag
Sleeping bag

(Photo: Why not gift a sleeping bag? A perfect adventure gift for an ardent adventure lover after a long day of adventure activities.  It’s a must when you go outdoors and we are sure it will make any adventurer happy. Check it out   

  1. Outdoor stove


Outdoor stove

(Photo: Isn’t this the best idea? Obviously we need to cook food when we are outdoors. Gift a stove and be the saviour! Check it out   

  1. Waterproof Cases


Water proof cases phone

(Photo: Who doesn't want something that is not waterproof, what with all the technology we carry around all day, Gifting this would be a blessing in disguise for an adventure enthusiast and a saviour for their expensive gadgets. Check it out   

  1. Fitbit wearable device


Fitbit wearable devices

(Photo:   Its a device which works in tandem with the workings of your body keeping a check on your workout schedule, calories burnt, kilometres run etc. It Helps you keep a track of your health too along with being a pedometer and many other things which an adventure lover looks for in a gift. A perfect adventure gift for an adventure addict. Check it out   

  1. Travel books


Travel books

(Photo:   Gifting a book is always a good option. Gift them a travel book and they may find a new place to explore. Check it out Do you know of any extreme gifts an adventure lover would love? We would love to know it, share it in the comments section with us.


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