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Danny MacAskill Best Moments: GIFs That Will Make You Go Crazy

Danny MacAskill Best Moments: GIFs That Will Make You Go Crazy

You will be amazed to see what Danny MacAskill can do with a set of two wheels. If you know him, you know the level of skill, accuracy and control we are talking about. If you don’t know him, keep scrolling down to see a crazy exhibition of the most insane moves ever seen on a cycle.

Danny MacAskill is a professional street trials rider from Scotland (a discipline of cycling that demands precise control of the bike through crazy sky-high jumps and balancing on extremely narrow obstacles). Danny became an overnight internet sensation in April 2009 after he dropped a street trials video on Youtube for Inspired Bicycles. With some some never-seen-before moves, Danny amazed us and a few hundred thousand other people too.

Danny MacAskill Stunts

Danny has since then exhibited his incredible cycling skills stitched around great cinematic experiences online. His videos have garnered millions and millions of views.

Performing daring stunts on an exquisite backdrop of bridges, ridges, houses, debris, railway tracks and anything unimaginable is just his thing. Defying gravity and possibly all the laws of Physics are kind of his things too. Take a look at our most favourite Danny MacAskill moments (Mind you, we could only add a limited few. There are countless more moments that we wish we could showcase).

 Danny MacAskill: Wee Day Out

Wee Day Out is Danny’s latest film. It’s a beautiful movie that shows Danny exploring the Scottish countryside on his mountain bike. Leave it to Danny and he will turn a simple spin around the rural landscape into a breath taking journey, pulling off stunts that are unimaginable on a mountain bike. Dotted with countless ‘Wow’ moments and a mild dash of humour, this video is sure going to make your day.

 Danny MacAskill: Aviemore Spring

Aviemore Spring showcases a great deal of technical tricks from the man. Coming back to his Scottish roots again, Danny is seen turning the beautiful streets of Aviemore into his own extended playground. After watching the video, you will be certain that there was not a single rock, railing or bench on the streets of Aviemore that received mercy.

 Danny MacAskill: Cascadia

Cascadia is undisputedly a one of a kind visual experience for us. Danny raised the bar, quite literally when he decided to ride on the rooftops of the vibrant, colourful houses of Gran Canaria. The video is all about super insane moves, breathtaking POV angles, crazy leaps from one rooftop to another and not to forget - the Final Jump! Our jaws dropped when the video concluded with Danny’s craziest front flip ever over the expanse of the ocean.

 Danny MacAskill: Epecuen

Danny brings the abandoned town of Epecuen back to life with his street trials film named after the town itself. The fascinating part about the city of Epecuen is that it was submerged underwater for 25 long years. It has now re-emerged with its secluded streets, deserted land, and broken structures. Only Danny could paint the town in the most captivating way that he did, using unexpected areas, marking unexpected trails.

 Danny MacAskill: The Ridge

The Ridge is by far the most thrilling biking trail Danny has ever embarked on in his films. And why? Because you see him riding high atop a rocky mountain. The Isle of Skye in Scotland is where Danny grew up at and his prime motivation behind making this film was to portray his native home the way he sees it. The video takes you along a challenging path of tackling the Black Cuillin with its craggy cliffs, wild weather and a dramatic climbing root. What is fascinating is that none of these factors limit Danny from delivering his usual quota of awesomeness.

 Danny MacAskill: Imaginate

Imaginate is Danny's most viewed and most admired project till date. Actually most special too, as you see him transform his childhood riding fantasy into a delightful reality. While having other projects painted around locations and journeys, this one is a big ball of creativity. It’s commendable how he has pushed the limits of riding with his unique skills topped by a great deal of creativity through this project.

 Danny MacAskill: Industrial Revolutions

In Industrial Revolutions, Danny takes us to an old abandoned factory in the beautiful Scottish countryside. He is seen exhibiting spectacular tricks around this deserted plot of land, making unbelievable use of industrial train yard, railway tracks, metal strings and weary buildings.

 Danny MacAskill: Way Back Home

Way Back Home is another special film as it documents Danny’s journey of riding from Edinburgh to his hometown Dunvegan, in the Isle of Skye. Taking on ancient castles and rocky terrain, performing crazy jumps over bridges and railings and doing anything that is unthinkable in the remote area of Scotland is what the video is all about.

We are sure that these moments will inspire both the cyclists and the non-cyclists to see the sport from a different perspective. These were by far our most favourite (chosen few) cycling moments of Danny MacAskill. Write to us and let us know about your favourite moments too.

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