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Kutch to Kanyakumari: A Couple's Journey on a Kayak and A Cycle

Kutch to Kanyakumari: A Couple's Journey on a Kayak and A Cycle

In this world, where currently hate and fear are tearing people apart, we find sweet souls who through their actions bring a smile on our faces. Talking about sweet souls, Here we introduce you to a couple who is bringing a smile and immense amount of positivity in this world by doing what they do the best. Meet Shanjali Shahi and Kaustubh Khade. This duo is on an expedition starting from Kutch to Kanyakumari. What is this expedition? 'Conquer the Coast' is an expedition which involves Kaustubh Khade Kayaking his way through the coastline from Kutch to Kanyakumari and Shanjali Shahi Cycling through the same route. The expedition started in December 2016 and currently the duo are inching towards their goal. Through this expedition Kaustubh Khade wants to create immense amount of awareness about the sport of Kayaking. Other than this, why would someone think of doing such an expedition? Here’s why. The expedition also has a noble cause attached to it. This Duo wants to raise funds for a Mumbai based NGO called Magic Bus. The NGO works for the empowerment of children and young people from marginalized communities.

Know Kaustubh Khade and Shanjali Shahi

Kaustubh & Shanjali Relationship Goals! Aren't They? Relationship Goals! Aren't They?

Kaustubh Khade is a known figure in the sport of Kayaking in India. He  has made his mark in the Limca book of World Records in 2015 for solo kayaking from Mumbai to Goa in just 17 days, covering a whooping 413 kms.

Here’s how the idea of this expedition came up,  as Kaustubh says,
“This was In my mind, since 3 years. I’d read about kayakers kayaking long distances abroad and it got me thinking about India’s coastline. It also coincided with my plans to promote kayaking and I saw an immediate connect there. It took me a couple of years to build the plan, and I chose to do a pilot so people & sponsors found the idea believable.”
Joining Kaustubh in this expedition is Shanjali Shahi. Shanjali has travelling in her DNA and recently she has also given adventure a prime place in her travels.  So whether it is going to Kamshet to learn Paragliding, or Walking over a frozen river to see the other side of Leh, or Climbing Stok Kangri to see what it looks like from 20,000 ft, She has successfully completed them all. In this expedition though Shanjali is cycling on the same route on which Kaustubh is Kayaking. For Shanjali cycling is the most dearest thing to do. What started as just a mere weekend activity went on to become something really inspirational. As she says,
“ My first long distance cycling adventure was from Bombay to Goa, in April 2016. Soon after returning back I wanted to do something bigger and signed up to cycle from Manali to Leh in July 2016, which ended up at 18,000ft. in KhardungLa, which is known to be the highest motorable road in the world and the most challenging route for cyclists. After coming back from that, I decided to cycle along the whole circumference of India, which is approximately 12,000kms by road.”
Kaustubh and Shanjali are having a lot of fun enroute their journey.
While Kaustubh Khade is Kayaking along the coast, Shanjali Shahi is cycling almost the same route on her bicycle. Kaustubh Khade is kayaking 30-45 km a day while Shanjali is cycling 50-80 km. This is how this power couple is spreading happiness, love and awareness through Kayaking and Cycling. The duo is nearing their goal. Now they are just 6 days away from Kanyakumari. But aren’t there questions in your head like how did Kaustubh and Shanjali stay in touch throughout the expedition? What was the whole experience like?

Don’t worry we got your curiosity covered.  As they accomplish their dream when they reach Kanyakumari, there will be a follow up of their experience here on AdventureN.

So stay tuned for more :)


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