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10 Adventurous Marriage Proposals That Will Give You Major Relationship Goals

10 Adventurous Marriage Proposals That Will Give You Major Relationship Goals

You know the warnings they give you before you get yourself to do an adventure activity? “Be alert”, “This is a dangerous activity”, “Make sure your harness is clipped properly”, “Don’t panic underwater”, followed by many more wise words. We are amused thinking about what warning did these adventure activities/ marriage proposals bring with them. Maybe something like:

Warning: This adventure activity is intensely romantic. It may result in increased heart rate, creation of huge relationship goals and leave you with a fiancé.

Speaking of relationship goals, we think these are the craziest marriage proposals we have ever seen. Because when Adventuromantic folks pop the big question, they do it this way.

1. Let’s take the big leap

Ticking a major item off their bucket list, Robin and his girlfriend Ashley jumped out of a plane together. Just as they were speeding down in a thrilling free fall, Robin starts revealing to her a string of words embroidered on the forearms of his skydiving suit. The words said “Ashley, I love you. Will you marry me?”. How could she ever say No!

Sky Diving Marriage Proposal Image Source: Youtube - Robin Pietschmann Source

2. Lets take it a notch higher

Amar invited Mayuri for an early Valentine’s day celebration (later turned into a grand proposal). He surprised her with a Hot Air Balloon ride, and because this wasn’t romantic enough, he proposed to her for marriage in mid-air. And how? As soon as the balloon acquired a soaring height, a team standing on the ground rolled out a huge banner that said “Marry Me”. While she was absorbing the ongoing madness, another team of videographers and photographers released a drone into the air and made sure they captured the beautiful moment.

Hot Air Balloon Marriage Proposal Image Source:


3. I will walk thousands of miles just for you

The level of effort behind this one is mind-blowing. Japanese artist Yasushi Takahashi spent 6 months trekking for about 3000 miles in Japan? He had a GPS tracker hooked on himself tracking his every step. How is this a marriage proposal you say? Have a look below. The GPS records of his travel at the end of his entire journey spelled out “Marry Me” with a huge heart and an arrow sign. This is the biggest proposal ever done in the world and also the only one that can be seen from space. Bravo!

Trekking GPS Marriage Proposal Image Source:


4. Lets fall deep in love, in a tank full of sharks

Joshua Head and his girlfriend Brandy were on a vacation in Hawai. She had always been fascinated by sharks, so he decided to take her to the Maui Ocean Center to swim amidst them. While she was being captivated by the beauty of it all, he was all set to pull off a unique underwater marriage proposal. Down on his knees he went, holding a ring in one hand and a “Will you marry me?” sign in another.

Scuba Diving Marriage Proposal Image Source:


5. Lets climb the stairway to heaven

Chi and Karen were on a 4 day trek and it was on the last day of the trek when Chi took Karen to a beautiful mountain summit. He asked her to pose for pictures with her back facing the camera. Karen posed for a couple of clicks before turning back to find her boyfriend kneeling on one knee with a ring.

Trekking Marriage Proposals Image Source:


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6. Let me get down on my knee while you Stand up on your Paddle board

John takes his girlfriend Taryn out for a Stand up paddle boarding excursion on the pretext of getting a photoshoot done. After having found the right moment, John paddles himself towards her board, asks her to put her paddle down to hold his hands and help him balance. Just as she does that, he drops on one knee and pops the big question.

Marriage Proposal on Water Image Source:


7. No wind is too cold for lovers

Jade Kretzmer and his girlfriend, also named Jade went paramotoring over the snowy Alps of Val Thorens, France. Jade got on a tandem flight with her instructor. Just after a few seconds of her flight she was surprised with 3 giant words - “Jade Marry Me” written in red on the snow below. Unable to articulate her feelings she gives him a big thumbs up from above. As soon as she lands he goes down on his knee with a rock in his hand.

Marriage Proposal on Snow Image Source:


8. It’s not where you go, it’s who you go with

Joel and his girlfriend Abby were on a hike to spot the beautiful Brandywine Falls. He told her it would be the perfect spot to click great photos. He put his camera on the tripod with a 20 second timer on. As soon as she was ready to pose with him, he snuck out a rock from his pocket and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him.

Best Marriage Proposal Near a Waterfall Image Source:


9. I love hanging around with you

Mar and his girlfriend were all set to get on the longest zipline in Philippines, the Everest Zipline. She was particularly thrilled when they were strapped together. Holding each other’s hands, off they went for a beautiful ride. The moment they landed, a personnel dragged the couple to the centre; another man held a huge banner that said “Will you marry me?” and before she could realise, Mar was already on one knee making his wedding proposal.

Marriage Proposal On a Zipline Image Source:


10. Our bond is Rock solid

Maddy and Luis went rock climbing together all the time. Except it was a little different and special this time. That night when the couple reached the top of their climbs, Luis held her in place and signaled for all the lights to be switched off. As soon as the lights went off, Luis had his friends come over. They quickly put on the beautiful string of lights and scattered rose petals all over. All at once they switched on the string of lights and it was pure magic. The loved-up couple came sliding down. Luis got on his knees and made the sweetest marriage proposal.

Rock climbing Marriage Proposal Image Source:


It’s true that these adrenaline filled marriage proposals have seriously given us some major relationship goals. You can draw inspiration from this space, but don’t forget that even the smallest efforts count. It's all perfect as long as you know what truly gives your partner that indescribable rush. Don’t try to go big. Try to go sincere.

Also, to all the lovely girls out there, you don’t always have to be the one receiving the proposal. If you know you’re with the right person, get on this adventure, plan a surprise proposal and pop the big question. Because, why not?

The adventures of love and marriage are many. Countless number of stories, each special and unique. To share your proposal story, please write to us in the comments section below. We would love to read them. 

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Just remember, If you are with the right person, you don’t have to create Relationship Goals. You already are :) 

Until Next Time!


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