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10 of the Most Remarkable Motor Cycle Documentaries You Should Watch

10 of the Most Remarkable Motor Cycle Documentaries You Should Watch

Travel and adventure is what everyone yearns to go on. And if it’s a road trip on a bike, then it’s a life changing experience. Who would not want to soar through the wind while riding the bike in beautiful vistas which we just dream of. For all the dreams that we see, one cannot be everywhere at the same time. But to give you major travel and adventure goals we have curated some of the best motor cycling documentaries that show the best biking trails like nobody else. Take a tub of popcorn, sit back and dream on!

1. Riding Solo To the Top of the World

Riding Solo To the Top of the World, is what Mumbai-based filmmaker Gaurav Jani did when he rode from Mumbai to Changthang Plateau, one of the most remote places on the south eastern side of Ladakh, and the highest civilization in the world. Filming the entire journey as one man film unit, he captures some incredible moments of the landscape, the people who inhibit it as well as himself and his own experience of this stunning journey. This is by far one of the most intriguing motor cycling documentary ever filmed as a one man unit in India.

2. Tough Rides: China, Brazil, India

Colin & Ryan Pyle are brothers from Toronto, Canada but that is all that they have in common. Ryan has spent the last decade in China, while building his career as a documentary photographer while Colin stayed closer to home in Toronto and set up his own successful currency trading company. In Tough Rides China they completed a 65 day – 18000 kms of motorcycle journey around China. The duo traveled through some of the country’s most populous and remote regions with a purpose to put China on the forefront.

In Tough Rides India the duo is back again and they journey India, a distance of 14,ooo km and a 54 day circumnavigation through Golden Temple at Amritsar, the Karni Mata Temple at Deshnoke and the site of Buddha's enlightenment at Bodh Gaya to name a few.

In this 3rd series of  Tough Rides Brazil, Ryan Pyle sets out on a 14,000km, 60-day circumnavigation around Brazil.

3. Mondo Enduro

This is perhaps one of the most famous motorcycle expeditions to have been recorded on camera. Between 1995 and 1996, a team of 7 experienced long-distance riders decided to travel the longest way around the world, in the shortest time possible. Using Suzuki DR350 dual sports bikes, they documented their epic journey while often camping rough and traveling through some of the most dangerous terrains in the world. The expedition was filmed and was subsequently made into 2 part TV series; shown on discovery travel & adventure channel over 40 times. This has since then attained a cult status amongst biking and adventure travel fans.

4. Long way Round

English TV presenter, travel writer and actor Charley Boorman travelled from London to New York along with a Scottish actor named Evan McGregor between April & July 2004, taking two BMW R1150GS bikes with them and traversing some of the most difficult terrains the world had to throw at them. This is one of the most epic documentary series and a wonderful watch for a combination of travel, adventure and motorcycle fuelled action.

5. Chennai to Pondicherry: A Motorcycle Tour of Southern India

Director Skylar Neilson took a crew on motorcycle tour of southern India and the result is as tasty as a hot filter coffee from down South. The trip on the East Coast Road, more popularly known as ECR, is eye opening and Nielson has effectively captured the mayhem of being surrounded by thousands of cars, cows, goats and dogs. Chennai to Pondicherry is a sensory overload at its finest.

Chennai to Pondicherry: A Motorcycle Tour of Southern India from VITA BREVIS FILMS on Vimeo.

6. On any Sunday, Next chapter

Released in ’71, On Any Sunday is one of the best loved motorcycle films of all times. Directed by Bruce Brown – famous for the surf classic Endless Summer – it captured the spirit of motorcycling in a way that even non-riders could understand it all. It deservedly won the Academy Award nomination.

7. Himalayan Hero

This documentary is about a father and a son bonding over a motorcycle expedition to the Himalayas. The Father and son duo take on a perilous 4500 km journey from India to the mighty Himalayas. It is known to the whole world that as rewarding the Himalayas can be in terms of its vistas and nature, Himalayas is quite unforgiving too. They endure everything on the journey from being confronted by the military to altitude sickness, stray animals, trucks, cliff-edges and lot more. This is how they find the meaning and value of life.

8. One Crazy Ride

Gaurav Jani again brings to us a spellbounding documentary film based on a 2002 expedition in the unexplored North Eastern region of Arunachal Pradesh in India. One Crazy Ride is shot in the same format as that of Riding Solo. Gaurav explores the parts of North East India that no biker has ever thought about venturing. Here Gaurav is with 6 riders who set out on a journey to uncharted routes of Arunachal Pradesh. The film is an amalgamation of friendship and teamwork on a harsh terrain. The film was commercially released in 2009 and it has also won the award for best film at the ‘International Motorcycle Film Festival’ of Slovakia.

9. Natural Born Traveller

You might have always dreamt of going to Australia, but what if you ride through Australia’s best landscape on a bike? Meet Steve Crombie, an adventurer and film maker who has travelled to around 40 countries across the planet to shoot adventurous stories for Lonely Planet, Discovery Channel, Yamaha, Honda and various magazines/ websites. In this documentary Steve is riding through the full length of the Great Dividing Range on the dirt tracks, logging trails and mountain passes that snake their way up the spine of Australia. Nobody has ever attempted this trail ever! You have to watch this one to believe it.

10. Into the Unknown

The ever charming and charismatic David Beckham sets out on a journey around Brazil and its Amazonian jungles riding classic Triumph bikes. Isn’t this enough to picture what the movie is like? With video director Anthony Mandler, an experienced rider who is also a mechanic Derek White and his manager and childhood friend Dave Gardner he sets out on the journey traversing through parts where people recognize him to further into territories where no one knows him. He ventures Into the Unknown.

These documentaries will definitely make you ramp up your bike and set out on an amazing experience with your friends.

 If you want to watch any of these rad documentaries live, then we are here for you. Just let us know when we can garb a tub of popcorn and help you enjoy these documentaries with us.


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