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#AdventureNme Contest Results: What is adventure for you?

#AdventureNme Contest Results: What is adventure for you?

#AdventureNme blogging contest

  #adventureNme blogging contest   So far nobody has been able to explain what the definition of Adventure would be. Us ambitious lot at AdventureN made a few efforts and asked people around, “What adventure means to you?” with #AdventureNme. Far from what we expected, the answers from people ranged from being philosophical, crazy, hilarious and pretty insightful! This came from a college-goer: “#AdventureNme is clearing my semester exams without any KT.” God! So true! Barring the perennial toppers, have we all not faced that? Twice in a year, every semester, there would be that one dreaded week when you are hanging by the thread that pushes you on either side. The week when ‘Hope’ becomes more than just a word. Oh! We all have been there. There is no escape from travelling when you are living in Bombay. And this young lad working in Decathlon-Thane travels 100 kms everyday that is no less than an adventure for him! This came closest to explain what Adventure is: “Anything that gives me goosebumps when I think about it is #AdventureNme.” Check out the full video here: Terms and Conditions We came to you with the same question. After all, what better than knowing an adventurers’ definition of an Adventure? All your blogs made it extremely difficult for us to select our winners. After all, it is practically impossible to gauge who has a better IDEA of an adventure. It is so subjective! Nonetheless, we made our humble attempt.  

And here are the winners of the #AdventureNme blogging contest:

3rd prize:
What gets you racing? by Disha Kotak** Congratulations Disha, you have won yourself a gift voucher/prizes worth Rs 1,500!  

2nd prize:

Let the Adrenaline Rush! by Stephen Anthony K** Congratulations Stephen, you have won yourself a gift voucher/prizes worth Rs 2,500!  

1st prize:

WHAT DOES ADVENTURE MEAN? by Rathina Sankari**

Congratulations Rathina, you have won an all expense paid Overlanding Truck camping trip worth Rs 40,000!


  First 20 valid entries for this contest will receive an assured voucher worth Rs 300 and all valid entries will receive our 'AdventureN Star' calendar!**   ** All winners shall be contacted by e-mail or phone at the earliest.  


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