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11 Easy Treks For Beginners Near Mumbai to Make You Fall in Love With Trekking

11 Easy Treks For Beginners Near Mumbai to Make You Fall in Love With Trekking

Trekking is something which people love to do these days. People have now started exploring outdoors through trekking. But when it comes to start or take the first steps for a trek, many questions arise. What if the trek is too tiring? What if I slip or fall on the trail? I have never exercised in my life how will I walk so much on a trek?These are the questions which come in your mind if you have never been on a trek. But there are easy treks for beginners near Mumbai which you can definitely go on. There are people who have never thought of going on a trek or have thought of it, but, they think it's way too straining. The thought of long walks and climbing boulders or ladders demotivate many. Many think they can’t trek or it’s not in them to trek. But we say why fear? Trekking is the most liberating way of exploring the outdoors and being one with nature. There are always baby steps to take. Near Mumbai there are many beginner level treks which are for everyone. We have compiled here a list of treks which are so easy to do, they will spark your love with the wilderness.

Easy treks for Beginners Near Mumbai

1. Karnala Fort Trek

Karnala Fort trek is the most basic and easy hike you can ever go on. It is the best option for a one day trek near Mumbai. Karnala fort is just 10 kms away from Panvel city. It is also a bird sanctuary so you may come across some amazing fauna in the region. Karnala fort is a protected property in the Karnala Bird sanctuary. The trek to the fort is simple. It's a 2 hour hike With some rocky patches in between. The moment you reach the fort the view of the ruins will just blow you away. Karnala Fort trek is a superb monsoon trek near Mumbai. Karnala-Fort-Trek The walk to the fort is really simple
Image Distance from Mumbai: 47.8km via Mumbai Highway Base Village: Panvel

How to reach Karnala Fort

Take a train to Panvel. After reaching Panvel take a rickshaw to Karnala.  10 km from the Panvel-Pen road, there is a mud track which is the start of the trail. Take left from the entrance of the Sanctuary, it’s an easier route and is marked all the way up.

Things you must see

  • Karnala Fort
  • Shiva Temple

2. Lohagad Fort Trek

Just like Karnala even Lohagad is a best option for a one day trek near Mumbai. Lohagad is basically climbing the fort steps. The trail is way too easy and it’s more like a picnic spot. Literally meaning the Iron Fort, Lohagad is actually a baby trek. It is a two hour hike from the Bhaja Village. Lohagad is one pleasant trek you can do in the monsoons as the fort gets scenic. It has got four entrance doors which are still intact. Lohagad is a perfect beginner level trek for any person wanting to venture into the outdoors. Lohagad Fort Lohagad Fort Upclose
Image Credits: Flickr, by Tejas Shimpi VinchuKata Vinchu Kata, a must visit place.
Image Credits: http: Distance from Mumbai:  92.5 km via NH4 Base Village: Bhaja

How to Reach Lohagad Fort

Take a Pune bound train and get down at Malavli, next station to Lonavala. Reach Bhaja village which is 3 km from here and then start your trek to Lohagad.

Things you must see

  • The Ganesh Darwaja
  • The Narayan Darwaja
  • The Hanuman Darwaja
  • The Maha Darwaja
  • Vinchu Kata
  • Visapur Fort
  • Bhaja Caves -Buddhist Stupas

3. Naneghat Trek

Naneghat is a trade route used since time immemorial. The Satavahanas used this trade route to reach Junnar. If you break down the word Naneghat it literally means Nane- Coins and Ghat-Pass. A coin pass for travelers to use it. More like a tool booth of the olden times. Naneghat is an easy trek for beginners and doesn't involve much exposure to make you scared. Naneghat Pass The NaneghT Pass
Image Credits: Mumbai Travellers Caves at Naneghat Caves at Naneghat
Image Credits: Flickr, Pankaj Pawar Distance from Mumbai: 183 km  via NH160 and NH61 Base Village: Vaishakhare

How to reach Naneghat

You get public transport from Kalyan till the base village. Once you reach there you have to start walking along the road to Malshej Ghat. You come across a diversion marked for Naneghat. Taking that diversion you have to walk till your destination.

Things you must see

  • Caves
  • Ancient Carvings
  • Well used for putting the coins

4. Peth/ Kothaligad Fort Trek

Peth fort or as it is famously know as Kothaligad, was a fort used by Sambhaji to store ammunitions. The fort is called Peth due to its close proximity to the Peth village at the base. The fortification at the top of the fort is in the shape of a funnel and has stairs carved in the inside. The height of the fort is small and it is an easy climb to the top. Peth Fort The Peth Fort
Image Credits: Mumbai Travellers Distance from Mumbai: 89.2 km via Mumbai Highway Base Village: Ambivali

How to reach Peth Fort

Take a train till Karjat and from there you take local transport, preferably a bus till Ambivli via Kashele route. Your trek to Peth fort starts from Ambivli. You reach the Peth Village first and from there the fort is a at a one hour distance.

Things you must see

  • Bhairoba Temple
  • Caves
  • Glimpses of Bhimashankar, Rajmachi, Dhak and Siddhagad forts

5. Peb from Matheran

Peb fort trek offers many adventurous elements and yet is an easy beginner level trek. Peb fort was used as a silos to store grains in the olden times. In monsoons this trek is a treat. It is a good option than going to nearby Matheran which is all too crowded these days. This is another easy trek for beginners near Mumbai. Vikatgad-trek Peb/ Vikatgad Fort
Image Credit: Source: Distance from Mumbai: 52 km via Mumbai Highway, Mumbai-Panvel-Maldunge Base Village: Neral Route-Anandwadi – Fanaswadi Panvel Route- Maldunge

How to reach Peb Fort

Take a taxi  from Neral and tell the driver you want to go Peb. which drops you to a starting point of the railway tracks. The walk on the tracks is your trail towards the Peb Fort. On the way you come across an arch which has direction for the fort. You climb the ladders downward. The you get a trail and you walk till you reach the Col. Cross the Col of the Peb hill take the ladders again and you reach the fort.

Things you must see

  • Bastion at the Top
  • Meditation Caves

6. Rajmachi Via Lonavala

Rajmachi is a popular destination for two reasons. One is for the fireflies trek and the other is  a monsoon trek. The fireflies trek is just mesmerising when you see those beautiful insects going about in the wilderness at night. In monsoons Rajmachi is one of the most simple treks if you go via the Lonavala Route. Rajmachi trek via Lonavala route is an easy trek for beginners. Rajmachi Fort Rajmachi Fort
Image Credit: Flickr by jot82 Distance from Mumbai: 94.1 km via NH4 Base Village: Tungarli

How to reach Rajmachi Fort

There are two routes. One is from Karjat and One is from Lonavla. The route from Lonavala is apt for beginners. The base village is Tungarli. What you can do is trek up through the Lonavala route and descend through the Karjat route.

Things you must see

  • Kondana caves

7. Korigad Fort Trek

Korigad is an easy trek of just an hour. Korigad was captured by Shivaji along with the forts of Lohagad and Tung. This is a very easy beginner level trek as you just have to walk for 15-20 minutes and then you have to take steps to reach the top. Korigad trek can be done at anytime of the year. korigad-fort Korigad Plateau
Image Source: Distance from Mumbai: 105.2 km via Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai-Banglore Hwy Base Village: Peth Shahapur

How to reach Korigad Fort

After you take a Pune bound express train alight at Lonavala and you can hire cabs till base village. It is advised that you take your own vehicle and set out on the Aamby Valley road from Lonavala. Reach Peth Shahpur and park your car in the village. The trek route starts from the  Bhairavnath Temple.

Things you must see

  • View of Aamby Valley
  • Water cisterns
  • Temple of Korai Devi
  • Laxmi Cannon

8. Tikona Fort Trek

Tikona Fort also known as Vitangad is another trek which has a duration of just 1.5 hours to reach to the top of the fort. Tikona is a fort near Kamshet in the Maval region of Maharashtra.Tikona has a twin fort which goes by the name Tung. This is a good option for a one day trek near Mumbai. It’s a straight and easy trail. Tikona Fort Tikona Fort
Image Credits:
Flickr, by Vinay Nair Distance from Mumbai: 121 km by Mumbai Highway Base Village: Tikona Peth

How to reach Tikona Fort

The a pune bound train and alight at Lonavla. Catch a local train and get down at Kamshet. From Kamshet take local transport till Tikona Peth. From Tikona Peth it's a 45-50 minute trek.

Things you must see

  • Mahadev Temple
  • Caves and Cisterns

9. Tandulwadi Fort Trek

Situated in a small Varli tribe village called Lalthane, the Tandulwadi fort is 800 years old. Like many other forts in Maharashtra, this fort was build as a watch tower fort to keep a tab on the adjoining forts of the Arabian Sea. The trekking route is easy and is marked all the way up to make it even more simpler. Be ready to come across some amazing scenic views. Tandulwadi Fort The easy trail towads the fort
Image Credits: Distance from Mumbai:  94.4 km via NH48 Base Village: Tandulwadi Village

How to reach Tandulwadi Fort

Take a train from Western Railways and Get down at Saphale. From there you get public transport or private jeeps for reaching the base village.

Things you must see

  • Water Tanks, cisterns
  • View of Vaitarna and Surya River

10. Sudhagad Fort Trek

Sudhagad is accessible from both Mumbai and Pune and is a great option for a one day trek. The temple at the top of the deity Bhorai Devi is said to be established by sage Bhrigu. Sudhagad is more like a replica of Raigad and it is said so that before Raigad, Sudhagad was in line to be chosen as the capital of Shivaji’s Empire. The trek to Sudhagad is an easy trek for beginners. Sudhagad Fort Sudhagad Fort
Image Credits: Distance from Mumbai:   109.2 km via Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai-Banglore Hwy and SH92 Base Village: Pali Village

How to reach Sudhagad

Take a train to Khopoli and from there take a public transport to Pali Village. From Pali, the base village of Thakurwadi is 13 km.

Things you must see

  • Bhorai Devi Mandir
  • Pant Sachiv Wada
  • Chor Darwaja
  • Takmak Tok
  • Shiv Mandir
  • Thanale Caves
  • Khadsamble caves

11. Jambhulmal Trek

Jambhulmal is a trek right in the backyard for Mumbaikars. Jambhulmal is the highest point of Mumbai at 1500ft and it gives you a magnificent view of the city from the top. Jambhulmal is the most easiest trail ever and is a perfect place to start your lover with the outdoors. The trail starts right from the core of Sanjay Gandhi National Park so this trek is a double deal. Adventure plus wildlife! Just like other trail walks in SGNP even this is a guided trek. View from Jambhulmal The View from the point
Image Credits: Distance from Mumbai: 29.1 km via Western Express Hwy Starting Point: Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP)

How to reach Jambhulmal

If you are taking a train then from Western Railways get down at Borivali station and from there you easily get transport to reach SGNP. For people travelling from Central Line, there are buses from Thane which directly drop you till SGNP. From SGNP your trek to Jhambulmal starts.

Things you must see

  • Wildlife if you come across any
  • Kanheri Caves
  • Views of Tulsi, Vihar and Powai Lakes
  • Air Force Station Watch Tower

Note: Trekking is an activity which involves exposing ones self in the outdoors. It is advisable to be prepared for any situation even if it is a small trek. Better safe than sorry.

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Monsoon treks Infographic

All these treks are easy beginner level treks, so do not think much and just set out on any of these. All these treks are possible in monsoons too so be ready to find bliss in the outdoors while it’s pouring down. Now ain’t that a better way to enjoy the rains?


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