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Fireflies Trek: Just What You Need to Ignite The Wanderlust in You

Fireflies trek

Fireflies Trek: Just What You Need to Ignite The Wanderlust in You

The heat is getting just unbearable and we are in search of a solace to find some respite from it. We are waiting with bated breath for the monsoons to arrive. But, what if, we say that solace is right here in our backyards? Not much of a distance away? In this pre-monsoon period, get ready to witness a phenomenon which will just put you in awe of nature. We are talking about the tiny little twinkling creatures, who come out in millions at night in a breathtaking phenomenon. Tis the season of the fireflies! 

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Image Credit: Flickr, by grant1980 

Fireflies mate during the pre-monsoon period and the best way to witness these glowing bugs is by venturing on to a fireflies trek near Mumbai. The fireflies trek is for everyone and Western Ghats are filled with places where these shiny creatures come out in millions at night. Stars up in the sky, stars on the earth below too! Here’s everything you need to know about the fireflies trek near Mumbai.

What are fireflies?

Here’s a fun fact. A firefly is actually not a fly but it is a winged beetle! The fireflies are the members of the Lampyridae insect family and come from the beetle family order named Coleoptera. In Greek, "lampein"  means to shine like a lamp.



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Why and how do the fireflies glow?

The big question! How do they glow? The fireflies produce the bio-luminescent light from their abdomen. It is a cold light with no infrared or ultraviolet frequency.The fireflies take in oxygen which combines with a substance called luciferin. This produces the light which has almost no heat. These small little flirts produce lights to attract mates during the mating season. 


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Where can you spot fireflies?

The fireflies love humid and warm climate. They thrive in areas where there is moisture. So currently this is the right season to spot fireflies in Maharashtra. This is the perfect time to go on a fireflies trek. The most famous fireflies trek near Mumbai is Rajmachi. If you're interested in trying out the glowing bugs trek, then the fireflies trek to Rajmachi is one you should definitely go on. 

Fireflies trek Rajmachi

Image Credit: Sreeraj Krishnan, Flickr 

Along with the Rajmachi fireflies trek, here are some other upcoming fireflies trek you can go on 

  1. Firefly Special Trek To Rajmachi
  2. Fireflies Special Hike And Camping at Sandhan
  3. Firefly Special Jungle Trail At Harishchandragad and Purushwadi

On Enquiry Basis For Groups Only


Why you should go on a fireflies trek?

A firefly trek is just what you need to break the monotony of life right now. Go on a fireflies trek because getting a sight of thousands of fireflies at one single place will stop the time for you in that moment. These thousands of fireflies will make you love Mother Nature. (Her amazing creation isn’t it?) 

Fireflies trek

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The fireflies trek is not a contemporary trek. It has an amazing element of it’s own. The luminous creatures fill you with wanderlust. These treks are very much accessible from both Mumbai and Pune and they come cheap too.

Things to keep in mind on a fireflies trek

  • Fireflies trek are night treks, so make sure you do not disturb the nearby environment.
  • During the trek, do not scare off the fireflies
  • Do not click pictures using the flash of the camera
  • Try clicking a picture with no flash and low shutter speed
  • Do not use flash for it might confuse them and make them think that you are trying to attract their mate.

A chance at a fireflies trek comes every pre-monsoon. Just grab this opportunity and let the refreshing air of the forest satiate your heat drenched soul. Until then here are some fun facts about these flashy flirts :D 

 Let us know if you're trying out this simple yet unique adventure. We'd love to know about your  experience. 


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