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Spiti Valley in April and May: Photo Blog

Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley in April and May: Photo Blog

Spiti Valley is a mesmerizing valley of Himachal Pradesh that is cut off from the outside world but is still gracefully self-sufficient, sustaining life from its beautiful blooming autumn months to the harshest of winter months when even the water in the water-pipes is frozen. No matter how smooth or harsh the living conditions become, this is a land that is known to serve the best hospitality to its curious visitors. 

Spiti Valley is one valley that paints itself in different colours in different seasons. The nature of your trip to Spiti Valley will be completely based on the time of your visit, but each time you will come out yearning for this land for different reasons and different feelings. 

While mid-June is the best time to visit Spiti Valley, April and May are the months when the snow is just about starting to melt, some link roads within Spiti start to open up and the farmers are ready to cultivate their crops to harvest them in the month of August.

The warmth of this cold valley, of its people and their hospitality, compelled us to create a pictorial documentation to show you what it was like visiting the Spiti Valley from the end of April to the start of May. Here’s a photo blog of our trip to Spiti Valley in April and May, showcasing the hues, the colours, the people, the vastness and the beauty of Spiti in these two months.

Spiti Valley in April and May - Through Our Lens      

Key Monastery Spiti

The fascinating Key Monastery, standing tall on the crest of a hill at 13,668 ft above sea level. Built very close to the Spiti river, this is the largest monastery in Spiti as well as the most celebrated religious training center for Lamas in the valley. The view of the surrounding hills from this point is spellbinding.  


Key Monastery Spiti

The view from the Key Monastery that we just mentioned. The pictures you see of this Monastery are mostly taken from the other end. Here's a fresh perspective of the hills and the views from this end of the Key Monastery. You can also spot the path of the Spiti River flowing on the right-hand side.  


Nako Village in Spiti

A luminous puffy cloud casting its aura over the Nako village and its surrounding snow-capped mountains. 

Nako, Himachal Pradesh is a quite and remote village located near the Tibetan border. You come across this beautiful village while on your way to Spiti from Sarahan. This is the last point of the Kinnaur district and an extraordinary spot to stop by to absorb the beauty of age old mud houses across the stunning backdrop of Himalayan mountains. 


Kinnaur to Spiti

Somewhere around the Kinnaur - Spiti intersection, we found ourselves entrapped into the ancient folktales of Arabian Nights. 


Gue Monastery in Spiti

This picture is a perfect testament to the vastness and magnificence of Spiti Valley. The structure you see beautifully aligned in the middle of this grandeur is the Gue Monastery. 

Fun fact: In a white concrete cabin right next to this Monastery lies a 500-year-old mummified body of a Buddhist Monk named Sangha Tenzin. What is even more fascinating is that the mummification process of this monk’s body has been totally natural, with no chemicals used in the process. 


Gue Monastery in Spiti

Here’s a closer perspective of the Gue Monastery. 


Green pea farming with Yaks

Traditional farming of Green pea with the Yaks. Right after the snow melts, the efficient farmers of the Valley take their livestock to the grasslands for grazing. The crops cultivated here in the Spiti Valley are Barley, Potatoes, Green Peas & Wheat.  


Animals in Spiti

A flock of sheep out on a stroll.


Spiti Valley in April

Dotted Azure skies and contrasting Ochre land will follow you all around Spiti Valley in April.


Spiti Valley Landscape

The snow and the greens marking their territory on the Martian like landscape of Spiti Valley. 


Spiti Valley landscape

This stunning expanse of land in Kaza is where we are holding One of the World's Highest Marathons at 12,000 ft above sea level. 


Mountain goat in Spiti Valley

A mountain goat doing what it does best. Demonstrating its amazing rock-climbing skills. 


Spiti valley landscape

A look at the Geological diversity of the Trans Himalayan regions of Spiti.  

Having loved visiting Spiti Valley in April and May, we would still like to assure you that the best time to visit Spiti Valley is in June. 

The June of 2019 especially is a much awaited one as this valley is all set to host the World's Highest Adventure Festival, called 'Spirit Of Spiti'. It will be a one of a kind festival encompassing real adventure & authentic culture. 

Click to know about: The World's Highest Adventure Festival - 'SPIRIT OF SPITI'





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