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Mothers Day : 7 Adventurers Share Heartwarming Messages for their Mom's

Mothers Day : 7 Adventurers Share Heartwarming Messages for their Mom's

  "Mom! Where's my lunch box?", I yelled early in the morning. "Its almost ready!", pat came the reply! "Mom! Where are my shoes, I am already late", I screamed again. "Check the shoe box under the stairs", she replied again. She used to come effortlessly navigating like a seasoned navigator through the house and almost always used to know where to find a particular thing. Sometimes, when we used to sit together with Dad, we used to wonder, "How does she do it?". I am sure at some or the other point in your life you might have pondered over the same question but that was not all, the things that she used to say and ask us to do shaped us into what we are today.
Michael Jordan once quoted " My Mother is my root, my foundation, She planted the seed that I base my life on, and that is the belief that the ability to achieve starts in your mind".
A beautiful pair of lines from one of the legends of basketball highlights the role a mother plays in the life of an individual. Its a common saying among people that the mother is the first teacher a child gets and it rightly said so as from an early age all the teachings of a mother are stored in the subconscious of the toddler which later shapes his/her life. Its the same thing in everyone's life, be it an adventurer, an explorer, a sportsperson, a singer, actor and many more, mothers have always played an important role in shaping the individuality of a person.   History of Mothers Day Image Source:

History of Mothers Day

Its one of the reasons why we celebrate Mothers Day which has a fascinating history to it, Ann Jarvis started “Mothers’ Friendship Day,” in 1868 which was celebrated as a part of her “Mothers’ Day Work Clubs" which served as a force which united them in a war torn USA. Later her daughter Anna Jarvis worked hard to make this day be celebrated nationally  as day which honours mothers for the sacrifices they have made for their children. Finally in 1914, Anna's persistence bore fruit when President Woodrow Wilson declared that the 2nd Sunday of May will be officially celebrated as Mothers Day. As mentioned in the above incident and through out history it has been seen that mothers make a lot of sacrifices for their children and its true even for Adventure Sports Athletes who have made a name for themselves in their respective sports. It is exemplified from some of the quotes which these athletes had to say about their moms as they sent out these beautiful Mothers Day Messages. Read their heart warming quotes for their moms.  

Samar FarooquiSamar Farooqui Slackliner, founder of Slacklife Inc says:

Happy Mothers Day dear mom  Afsar Farooqui! Here's to the most adventurous mother of them all... AKA my mommy bestest.  As a professional slackliner and highliner where my life lived with a constant element of risk and fear, I've learnt to be brave and courageous from you.
When a majority of society would frown upon the adventurous activities that I take part in and when I wanted to get an education in Adventure tourism, you were supportive. When others frowned and freaked out, you smiled with pride and had trust in me. I am who I am because of you.
Thank you for being an amazing and inspiring mother.  Love you very very much. 

Siddhi ManerikarSiddhi Manerikar National Climber

My mom's name is Shubhangi. She has always been there for me no matter what happens. I have been competing for a long time now and no matter I win or lose she's there to encourage me to continue and keep up my psyche! She is an integral part of my life, a pillar of my strength and confidence. More than a mother she is a friend to me . I can talk to her with out any hesitation.
She is like a petrol to my car because if I were a car then she is the petrol I need to run and a fuel to my ignition. We are incomplete without each other and I love her a lot.

GP ReelsGaurav Prabhu Biker, Founder - GP Reels, Vlogger

I work in a field where I have no fix timings to go back home, but still, every time I come back home even if its 2 am in the morning, the person who opens the door for me is my mom.
Every time I reach home she is there awake, waiting for me, that is my biggest support.

Pranad PatilPranad Patil Naturalist, Wildlife Speaker/Expert, Natural History Editor

When I selected the field I wanted to work in, it was difficult for my parents to understand. You don't hear kids coming and telling you I want to do something in the field of wildlife everyday.
No matter how alien she was to the subject, or how unsure she was of my career choice, my mother never withdrew her support for me. I am what I am today because of her support. Thanks mom for all the love and care.

Kaustubh Khade KayakingKaustubh Khade, Kayakar, Founder

I had a safety boat. It would be out with me 4-5 kms from shore. Mom would travel on the boat the whole time, and check in on me every other hour. The boat was a small vessel, and not the stablest thing on the planet. Amidst all the waves and the chop, you should know that my mom can't swim. But she insisted on being on the boat. When things got too choppy on the water, I worried for her safety, and forbid her from going on the boat. Subsequently, she would ask me every morning if she could get on the boat. It was the cutest thing.
No mom would let her son take on a ridiculously risky expedition, let alone get behind him and even support him in quitting his job to follow through with it. There are no words that can describe what having you in my corner means.

Tuhin Satarkar ClimbingTuhin Satarkar, Pro Climber

All that I or ever hope to be, I owe it to my Mother 

Tapashi Devchoudhury

Tapashi Devchoudhury

Stand Up Paddle Board Surfer, Yoga Trainer

My mother's love showed in her fears for my safety when she imagined me in the sea.
It turned  in confidence and pride later when she saw I was totally comfortable in the water. Now she is my biggest fan!
  Now aren't they beautiful and heartwarming messages? Do you also have something to share about your mom on this Mothers Day, Do let us know in the comments section!


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