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Siddhi Manerikar: One of India's Finest National Bouldering Champion

Siddhi Manerikar: One of India's Finest National Bouldering Champion

Rock Climbing and Bouldering as a sport is yet to get recognition in India. But there are Indians who are winning accolades worldwide and we don’t even know who they are, let alone if any woman is winning it too. Here we bring you Siddhi Manerikar who has won more than 12 accolades in Asian Championships. This is her fantastic story.

Siddhi Manerikar: The National Bouldering Champion

Siddhi Manerikar Siddhi started her climbing when she was selected in her school for a climbing demonstration for Republic Day as she smilingly recollects,
We never knew that there was a thing called a climbing wall that existed in our school. Then once when our teacher came in to ask us if we want to participate in a climbing demonstration, that’s when I thought to give it a try.
The school had a climbing wall called the Arun Samant Climbing Wall where in she climbed a route and came first. She comes from a very humble background where pursuing a sport professionally was a distant dream but when she was applauded for her skills at school, she never looked back. After this, in 2010 she participated in her first international level competition, The Girivihar International Competition. Siddhi Manerikar is just 19 years old and has been climbing since 8th grade. While giving us the interview she recalls an incident. She says,
Parents have a perception that in 10th and 12th standard it’s more than mandatory to study, but my parents had trust in me and knew I would do well in academics as well as my sport.
  During her 10th and 12th grade, on both occasions she was selected for the Asian Championships and she won both the times. . Siddhi considers the sport of climbing as her life. This power packed girl has a very positive outlook towards life and the sport. It’s true when she says that climbing is not just a sport but it’s a part of life.  
  • Through climbing we learn not to let go of what we love.
  • We learn to not to give in to fear and achieve new heights.
  • Climbing teaches us to be confident.
  • It teaches us to keep finding new ways to reach our goal.
  • It helps us build concentration and focus.
  When this sport has so much in store, we as a country are lucky enough that the sport is now slowly gaining recognition. Siddhi is also participating this year in the IFSC Bouldering World Cup which is to be held in Navi Mumbai on 13th-16th May. Check the Details Here Siddhi IFSC Here’s a list of her achievements and its mind boggling :  
Year Competition Category Rank
2015 National Bouldering Competition Bouldering (Women) 1st
2014 20th National Sport Climbing Competition Lead (Women); Bouldering (Women) 1st; 2nd
2014 Asian Contintental Championship Lead (Open) 19th
2013 Asian Youth Championship, Surbaya Lead (Youth) 4th
2013 19th National Sport Climbing Competition Lead; Speed; Bouldering 2nd; 4th; 4th
2013 19th West Zone Sport Climbing Competition Lead; Speed; Bouldering 1st; 1st; 1st
2013 General Thimayya Cup Open National Lead 2nd
2012 18th National Sport Climbing Competition Lead (Junior); Speed (Junior); Bouldering (Junior) 2nd; 4th; 4th
2012 18th West Zone Sport Climbing Competition Lead; Speed; Bouldering 1st; 1st; 1st

See Siddhi Manerikar's interview with us here:


About IFSC World Cup

The International Federation of Sports Climbing is a federation which regulates the sport of Climbing on a worldwide basis. The World Cup is an annual climbing competition where in the athletes compete in three disciplines viz lead, bouldering and speed. This year the Bouldering World Cup is hosted by India. Nearly 200 international athletes from over 82 countries will compete on an indoor bouldering wall built at the venue just for the event. Additionally a promotional competition will also be hosted along with other adventure events from 13th to 15th May 2016.

Climbing as a sport consists of 3 different formats namely

Rock Climbing Rock Climbing PC: Rock Climbing is an upcoming sport where a climber climbs up, down or across a natural formation of a rock or an artificial wall. The goal is to reach the top through a predefined route or find new ones. Rock climbing competitions involve the climber to either climb to the top in the least amount of time or if it's a long route then to go as far as possible. Rock climbing style is  a  method and use of equipments to repeat rock climbing routes and also establish new ones. Lead Lead is when a rope is used to ascend the route. It also has protection attached. The climber is a lead climber and has a partner known as a belayer. A belayer is the person who holds the rope in the event of a fall while also handling the rope during the climbers climb. Bouldering Bouldering involves climbing boulders without any rope or harness. To get a good hold and grip the climbers use chalk powder , it also keeps  the hands dry and also the climbing shoes which give a proper foothold and also crash pad to prevent themselves from an injury. It's a very raw form of the sport and involves a high level of training and fitness. Bouldering in Hampi Bouldering in Hampi, Karnataka


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