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27 Fascinating & Rare Deep Sea Animals That Will simply Wow You!

27 Fascinating & Rare Deep Sea Animals That Will simply Wow You!

The Ocean is replete with fascinating creatures and these are the ones that we have found only from 5% of the oceans that we have explored, imagine what would it be get to know and discover from the other 95% of the ocean, those would be some amazingly rare sea animals. Incredible, Isn’t it?   The teeny bit of oceans that we know about now is abundant with creatures that we do not know of and on this World Ocean Day we bring to you a list of some amazing, rare sea creatures which you might make you think of them as amazing, weird, lovely, creepy or even scary. You can also call them as some of the world’s strangest sea creatures too but we are sure this list of ocean creatures will surely make you feel amazed and in the process we hope you will help save these amazing sea animals from human activities which is hampering the environment every day.

1. Cuttle Fish

Known as the “kings of camouflage”, this fish has the ability to change its shape and colour which helps it to blend in with the seaweed and rocks. What’s even more amazing is that males run bands of colours through their body while trying to attract females like a colour show and are known to be highly intelligent possessing immensely complex brains.   Cuttlefish Cuttlefish
Img Src: blog.edgewater com  

2.  Sponge Crab

These crabs are named so because they carry a piece of a living sponge from the oceans on their backs. Some people think they are funny but it is an effective way for them to save themselves from predators.   Sponge Crab Sponge Crab
Image Source:

3. Atolla Jellyfish

Also known as Atolla Jellyfish or Coronate Medusa, One of the creatures of the Deep Sea, emits its own light like other deep sea creatures, however, its uses the light for a different purpose altogether. When it is threatened by a predator, it starts emitting blue colored lights around itself which travels the farthest in the pitch dark waters in deep sea. The Blue colour attracts other big creatures which ultimately end up gobbling the predator which the Jellyfish was threatened by. Clever, isn’t it?   Atolla Jellyfish Atolla JellyFish
Image Source:

4. Tardigrades

Some find them cute, some find them ugly but these are one of the toughest creatures in existence, also known as “Water Bears”, they are rightly called as toughest creatures on earth because they can survive in the deepest of the trenches or even without a drop of water in a desert.
Did you know that these fascinating creatures were sent into space by a swedish researcher and they were able to survive the deadly Cosmic rays, Vacuum and even the deadly UV rays.
  No wonder they are some of the oldest living creatures to have been on the face of this earth   Tardigrades Swimming Tardigrades Swimming  

5. Frilled Shark

It is often called as the “Living Fossil”, an interesting species of the shark, It is so rare that it wasn’t seen in its natural habitat till 2004. Some people also address it as a “Sea serpent” as it floats and hovers in the water. An Interesting fact about the frilled shark is that their gestation periods are probably the longest in the entire Animal Kingdom which is almost 3.5 years!   Frilled shark Frilled shark
Image Source: Mario Sanchez Bueno - Flickr

6. Pink Sea Through Fantasia

This is not the name of a product from the Victoria Secrets stable but is one of the fascinating rare deep sea dwellers in the oceans usually found at 3000 metres in the oceans. These are a species of Jellyfishes and is so translucent that you can actually see their digestive tract! One interesting fact about the Pink Sea Through Fantasia is that they have webbed feet like structures which helps them swim to up to more than 3000  feet up from the sea bed to avoid predators and find food.   Pink Sea Through Fantasia Jellyfish Pink Sea Through Fantasia
Image Source: ViralNova  

7. Christmas Sea Worm

These Sea Worms are one of the most beautiful species found in the ocean beds, they mostly grow on corals, and are found in a variety of colours like blue, yellow, orange and white. They are one of the most distinctive looking species in the ocean floor because of their unique shape which resembles a Christmas tree. They are extremely beautiful and used by underwater photographers in a lot of their photo’s as subjects. They are extremely sensitive and on the slightest instance of touch or even a shadow, they retract back into their burrows, only to come back in a minute in full plumage.   Christmas Tree Worms Christmas Tree Worms
Image Source:

8. Dumbo Octopus

Almost everyone loves the cute character Dumbo the elephant from Disney’s set of characters, it has got a huge set of ears which it uses to fly. Similarly this octopus which is found in the depths of the ocean uses its large set of ear like growth on its body to swim around and has been aptly named after the Disney character dumbo. They have got the fantastic ability to withstand pressures of more than 5000 pounds per square inch!   dumbo octopus Dumbo octopus - Image Source:

9. Vampire Squid

Often mistaken for an octopus, this sci fi movie like creature got its name due to its dark blood red colouration and its eyes which sometimes looks blue in a different colour of light. Unlike a vampire which sucks blood and other squids and octopuses, these are peace loving squids who just wait for their prey in their light and oxygen deprived areas of the ocean floor.   Vampire Squid Vampire Squid
Image Source:  

10. Pigbutt Worm

These interesting deep sea creatures are called as “Pig Butt Worms” because …. Yes you guessed it right, they look like a pigs butt! They are usually larger than most members of its species and have got scientists baffled because they think it might be an adult or a larvae due to its sheer size. Whats even more mysterious is that they have a missing reproductive organs! PigButt Worm Pigbutt Worm
Image Credits: - Casey Dunn

11. Blobfish

Mother Natured Network listed it as one of the ugliest animals on earth and you cannot deny that some people may indeed find them ugly. It was also once voted as the world’s ugliest animal, the appearance is because it lives in the extreme depths of the oceans where the pressures are extremely high and the gelatinous body is a fantastic adaptation by this creature of the deep seas. They are highly endangered because they are usually caught in the nets  which are used for fishing in the ocean nets. Till date no blobfish has been caught alive.   Blobfish Blobfish
Image Source: Mother Natured Network    

12 . Ocean Sunfish - Mola Mola

One of the Largest Bony fishes in the world, they are know to grow to lengths of almost 3 metres and weigh up to 3000 pounds! They are often found basking on the surface of the oceans as a thermo-regulation behaviour or to shake of the parasites on its body sometimes inviting even birds to rid their bodies of parasites. Amazing  isn’t it?   Ocean Sunfish Ocean Sunfish
Image Source: - Mark Conlin  

13. Chimaera

Also known as the ghost shark, this rare deep sea animal does not have any bones in its body and is completely made from Cartilage. They usually lurk in the dark and feed on small fishes and other small organisms in the ocean. The dots on its face are organs which are used to detect electrical fields to find its prey in the dark depths of the ocean.   Chimaera Fish Chimaera Fish Image Source: snitchseekerrpg.wikia com

14. Glaucus Atlanticus - “The Blue Dragon”

Popularly referred to as the blue dragon, it is tiny in size and looks extremely beautiful. The Glaucus Atlanticus is a type of a sea slug which is found floating upside down on the surface of the oceans. As cute as it looks, it has a powerful venom which it uses to attack predators.   Glaucus atlanticus - The blue dragon Glaucus atlanticus - The blue dragon
Image Source:  

15. Mantis Shrimp

You have probably heard of this multicolored creature which is famous for its brilliantly powerful eyes, humans see the seven colours of the rainbow using 3 colours from 3 cones which we can usually see and the Mantis Shrimp has 16 cones, imagine the number of colours it might be seeing in rainbow!
That’s not all, a peacock mantis shrimp can punch with a speed equal to a .22 caliber bullet!
  Mantis Shrimp Mantis Shrimp
Image Source:

16. Goblin Shark

Sometimes called as Living Fossils, because scientists have found them resembling fossils dating back to a 100 million years known as the Scapanorhynchus species. These pink coloured rare creatures can grow up to 12 feet in length and weighing 460 pounds. They are named as Goblin Sharks because they resemble the goblins from Japanese folklore as they are usually found in the oceans near Japan and just like all goblins they like to hunt in the dark.   Goblin Shark Goblin Shark
Image Source: roadtrippers.kinja com  

17. Red Lipped Batfish

Named after Charles Darwin himself - Ogcocephalus darwini , the Red Lipped Batfish is a fantastic example of adaptation wherein its fins have evolved for the fish to rest on the ocean floor. Some scientists believe that the red lipstick coloured like lips are used by males to attract the females. Another interesting feature is that when it moves on the ocean bed, it appears as if the fish is “Walking”, you can call it the fish that walks.   red lipped batfish Red lipped batfish
Image Source:  

18. The Pacu Fish

Often confused with the piranhas, these fishes are famous as “Testicle-Eating” fish when a few fishermen off the coast of Papua New Guinea reported to have been attacked on their testicles by these fishes but these claims of eating testicles have been refuted by experts. They get this name due to their habit of eating nuts which falls from trees in the oceans. You would wonder how could these fishes crack the nuts, for that just check out their fantastic teeth which are just like Humans!   Pacu Fish Pacu Fish
Image Source:  

19. The Blue Parrot Fish

The Parrotfish gets its name due to the shape of their mouth which looks like a beak. Instead of teeth they have two beak-like plates, just like parrots. They are usually more than 4 feet in length and weigh around 100 pounds. Divers usually notice parrotfishes because they eliminate huge amounts of waste while swimming. An interesting fact about the parrotfish is that the crystal white sands on the tropical beaches were formerly parrotfish poop! They are created when the parrot fish digests corals which are eliminated as sand.   ParrotFish ParrotFish
Image Source:  

20. Oarfish

Rarely seen, these deep sea animals are the longest bony fish in the world and is usually considered the cause of legendary sightings of Sea Monsters and Sea Serpents. They can reach to a length of 50 feet or 15 metres. They are known to come to surface of the water during the night apparently attracted by the light of the boats. These giants are not at all dangerous and feed on tiny plankton. An interesting fact about the oarfish is that, according to a Japanese people, if a lot of oarfish wash on the shore it is the sign of an incoming earthquake and some scientists think that it is true due to the fact that the tremors are first felt by them as they dwell deep in the water.   OarFish OarFish  

21. Narwhal

Often referred to as the Unicorn of the Sea, these are mammals and are related to whales,  they have got tusks which are most commonly found on males, these tusks are actually an enlarged tooth with sensory capability and up to 10 million nerve endings inside and the tusks alone can grow up to a size of 10 Feet. They are usually found in the arctic waters, they prefer to stay on the surface but usually dive up to 5000 metres in the sea.   Narwhals Narwhals
Image Source:  

22. Sea Pig

They get their names from their pinkish bodies and big puffy legs. They are usually a type of sea cucumber and are found in the deepest depths of the ocean, around 3.7 miles from the surface. They have 5 -7 pairs of feet which they use to walk on the ocean floor. Just like pigs they feed on decaying plants and animal bits by scourging through the ocean floor.   Sea Pig Sea Pig
Image Source:  

23. Megamouth Shark

It is an extremely rare species of the sharks and looks majestic that’s why it has earned the title of “Alien Shark” It is one the recent discovered sharks and was discovered only 39 years ago and its so rare that less than 100 have ever been seen. It is way bigger than normal sharks growing up to a size of 17 feet.   Megamouth Shark Megamouth Shark
Image Source:  

24. Fangtooth

They get their name from their tooth which are actually the largest teeth of any fish in the ocean when taken in proportion to body size. It is also sometimes called as ogre fish due to its unusual face structure. It grows up to only 6 inches even though it looks like a monster. They avoid bright light and usually come up only during nights.   Fangtooth Fangtooth (Anoplogaster cornuta) has bony, hard body, unlike most deep sea fish, San Diego, California  

25. Giant Spider Crab

Found in depths of 160 feet to 2000 feet in the oceans, Giant Spider crabs are one of the reasons to be afraid of the ocean! They can grow to a height of 12 feet and weigh up to 44 lbs. An interesting feature of the Giant Spider Crab is that apart from the eight legs, it has two arms which end up in claws which are extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury. It is also considered as a rare delicacy in parts of Asia.   giant spider crab Giant spider crab Image Source: National Geographic  

26. Atlantic Wolf fish

A Quick glance at the fish and it seems obvious why is it named so, it is also called as seawolf or wolf eels. They have a long slimy body like eels growing up to a size of 5 feet and possess extremely large teeth which is visible even when the mouth is closed. They are voracious predators and hunt hard crusted ocean dwellers like snails, crabs and other crustaceans.   Wolf fish Wolf Fish
Image Source: realmonstrosite com

27. Giant Squid

A Deep sea dweller, the Giant Squid is so huge that it grows to a size of 13 metres weighing up to 900 kgs though the largest one found was about 18 metres in length! They possess the largest eyes in the entire animal kingdom which is usually a size of dinner plates. Inspite of its size, the Giant squid is one of the most elusive and rare deep sea animals of the oceans.   Giant Squid Giant Squid Image Source: Nat Geo TV

Do you know about any other fascinating and rare deep sea animals, do let us know in the comments section.


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