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What are some key tips for travelling safe as a solo female traveler?
I have been traveling solo for almost 5 years now and I am just briefly going to mention a few key safety tips that I picked up from traveling as a solo woman traveler over these years.

1. Always dress like the locals and try to blend in as much as possible with your clothing choices.

2. Never reveal where you're staying to anyone you happen to meet on the road.

3. Try to catch the vibe of certain places and people you stumble upon and get yourself excused from uncomfortable situations without worrying about offending people. Safety first.

4. If you know you're going to arrive at some place at night, book your accommodation in advance.

5. Always attach a safety travel whistle on your carry-on.

6. Sometimes being too nice or being expressive may give out wrong signals. Just keep a watch on yourself and realize if your politeness is being mistaken for you being flirty or way too forward.

Hope this helps!