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Pedal in Peace - Spiti Valley Cycling Expedition

Pedal in Peace - Spiti Valley Cycling Expedition

Adventure Cost Rs. 35900

Trip Introduction :

“A world within a world”, are the words Rudyard Kipling chose, to describe the beautiful, isolated valley of Spiti in his book. Honestly, the most raw and adventurous way to experience the paradisiacal feels of this world is to hit the Spitian valley on your Mountain Bikes. Spiti valley cycling will give you the thrills of riding around a region that is immersed in unique culture & history and is accessible to visitors only for a few months of the year. Every high hairpin bend brings alive a new challenge and a new side of this remote valley for the mountain bikers. The intriguing hues & colours of this untamed barren land with its diverse cycling trails form a landscape that is most enthralling for mountain bikers. 

Plus, we step in to offer the perfect thrill & challenge every passionate mountain biker is seeking. Here's a 3 day Spiti Valley Cycling Expedition covering over 170 kms of intense cycling around the cold desert mountains of Spiti, bringing you a landscape that changes with every turn and altitudes that keep elevating. If there’s anything that’s real adventure, it’s this. The challenging, rugged yet beautiful Himalayan terrain with winding roads, gradual climb, dramatic vistas and high altitudes is a dream for every mountain biker.

& guess what? This expedition not only brings out the best Spiti Valley Cycling experience but also offers an opportunity to participate in one of India’s highest marathons organised in the village of Kaza at 12,000 ft above sea level. Truly, you don’t want to miss it. What makes this marathon a one of a kind run are the never heard before high altitudes it’s organised at and the spectacular views of the valleys and mountains of Spiti falling on both the sides of the run route. Once you’re done experiencing the true adventure of Spiti, it will be time to embrace the true culture of Spiti. Following the marathon awaits The Spiti Carnival, a 3-day celebration where the local tribes come and exhibit their rich culture through their art forms, cuisine, music, and performances.

As you may have known by now, PEDAL IN PEACE is a complete cycling experience. Your mountain bikes, a touch of barrenness, the feels of an ancient civilization and the touch of rich culture are everything that will make your Spiti valley cycling expedition surreal. So, are you pedalling for peace this June?


16th June & 17th June: Delhi/ Chandigarh - Tabo

Our team will meet you in Delhi/ Chandigarh. We will initiate our beautiful road trip for Tabo from Delhi/ Chandigarh at the time designated by our team, via private transport. We will reach the village of Tabo the next day and spend the rest of the day in Tabo. Night stay will also be arranged in Tabo. 


18th June: Tabo    

This will be a rest day to let the mountain bikers acclimatize and get used to the elevated altitudes. You can relax and prepare for the expedition that you will set on to, the next day. Ensure that your cycle is in proper condition and you have all the gear you need.


19th June: Tabo - Kaza 

We start our cycling expedition from Tabo. The terrain from Tabo to Kaza will be around 62 km via Dhankar, with a total ascent of 2,000 feet. We will cover the famous Dhankar monastery on our way. Built in the 12th Century, this monastery lies on the edge of a cliff. In 2006, it was listed as one of the world’s 100 most endangered monuments. The monastery has a few rooms, including one where the great Dalai Lama slept, a meditation cave and a prayer hall on the top of the hill. It’s extremely beautiful. After spending some time at the monastery, we will ride to Kaza. Known as the headquarter of the Spiti valley, Kaza is the most urbanized part of Spiti with modern facilities. It forms a good base for further travels for all the mountain bikers. Night stay will be at Kaza. 


20th June: Kaza - Losar 

We will set out on the undulating stretch of 57 kms from Kaza to Losar, an ascend of 1,000 feet. Enroute, we will visit the Key Monastery, which is around 12 km from Kaza. It is the largest monastery of Spiti valley having medieval prayer rooms, including one that has the bed on which the Dalai Lama is known to have rested in 1960 and 2000. Located on top of a hill, the view of the surrounding hills from this monastery is spectacular. We will spend some time here and then head to Losar. Night stay will be at Losar.


21st June: Losar - Kaza

After spending the night at Losar, We will take the 57 kms stretch from Losar to Kaza on this day and ride our way back to Kaza. This is where we will end our 3-day cycling expedition, after having accomplished 170 kms of intense cycling on our mountain bikes.


22nd June: Kaza

This will be a much deserved rest day earned by our mountain bikers to let the body recover after the long stretches of cycling from the past 3 days. Kaza has a lot of amazing eateries and restaurants. You can explore the local cuisine as well as the village on this day. 


23rd June - Run at Kaza/ Spiti Carnival 

You can participate in a unique heritage run on this day. It is unique because it is one of India’s highest marathons, organized at 12,000 ft above sea level. The scenic Spiti valley and mountains will accompany you on both sides while you run. Post the run, there will be The Spiti Carnival, wherein you will meet the local tribes who will come and showcase their culture, food, art, and music. A day full of celebrations will be planned for you. It will be a carnival you will remember forever. A perfect ending to our memorable journey together. 


24th and 25th June: Kaza - Chandigarh/ Delhi  

With a heavy heart, we will leave the scenic valley of Spiti and return to Chandigarh/ Delhi via private transport on this day.


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Departure Dates:

Jun 16,2019 to Jun 25,2019

Destination Highlights :

170 kms of cycling around the beautiful Tabo - Kaza - Losar circuit

Cycling across the rugged yet beautiful Himalayan terrain & offbeat mountain bike trails

A visit to the famed Key Monastery and Dhankar Monastery

Leisure time to explore the village of Kaza also known as the headquarter and commercial centre of Spiti

Participating in one of the highest Indian marathons held at 12450 ft above sea level

Being a part of The Spiti Carnival and meeting the local tribes who will come and showcase their culture/art/music and cuisine.


Itinerary for Motorbiking in Spiti

Additional Information :


Inclusions. Registration fee for cycling. Accommodation on double sharing basis in home-stays/ guest houses/ camps/ hotels. Meals during 3 days of cycling expedition (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner). Travel: Chandigarh - Chandigarh/ Delhi - Delhi. A backup support vehicle. Assistance of a mechanic. Basic First Aid Supplies. Spirit of Spiti goodies & tshirt.


Meals other than specified in the inclusions. Refreshments/ snacks/ beverages other than included. Permits. Personal expenses, monument entry fees, camera/ video camera fees at monuments, medical expenses, any insurance, gratuity. Famous cultural performances.

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